Boss The Scent Absolute, the new hot-cold contrasts by Hugo Boss

Boss The Scent Absolute, the new hot-cold contrasts by Hugo Boss
Boss The Scent Absolute, the new hot-cold contrasts by Hugo Boss

While Hugo Boss surfed on the success with Boss Bottled and its elegant freshness for businessmen, the house surprised men by offering them a fragrance far removed from the professional setting with the scent of the seductive Boss The Scent . Its intense hot and cold complexes were constantly renewed and in 2019, we will have the pleasure of discovering it in its most radical version with Boss The Scent Absolute.

When exotic fruits are savored hot, Boss The Scent Absolute

In perfumery as in couture, Hugo Boss likes to surprise with novelty and this Boss The Scent released in 2015 will not go by four ways to create the event! Boss the Scent wants to be the first aphrodisiac male fragrance and will thus play with the famous ginger to enlighten us with freshness before plunging us into the fruity delights of malinka then into the burning sensuality of woods, coumarin and vanilla.

With each new interpretation of Boss The Scent, the surprise remains. In 2018, for example, Boss The Scent Private Accord dared to indulge in a woody cocoa treat to match the signature ginger-malinka accord. What’s more, this pretty gourmet aphrodisiac was brought to the screen by the very famous Jamie Dornan who presented Boss The Scent Private Accord in a very original commercial alongside Birgit Kos.
“It’s interesting to see that seduction can take many forms, especially today in the digital age. Hugo Boss, Jamie Dornan to Boss The Scent Private Accord Campaign Pros.

We do not yet know if this campaign will be the same for Boss the Scent Absolute , however one thing is certain, the smoked bottle of this opus of 2019 once again suggests a most sensual mystery, especially since the perfumer Bruno Jovanovic promises us marvels of sensuality!

Boss The Scent Absolute, hot-cold contrasts taken to the extreme

It is still the perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, who composed Boss The Scent Absolute just like he created all the previous Boss The Scent opuses . If in the old bottles, he played cocoa gluttony in Boss The scent Private Accord or leathery-spicy force in Boss The Scent Intense, with Boss The scent Absolute, he returns to the essential by magnifying the contrasts by ultra virile woody and vegetal forces.

Although its bottle is smoky, Boss The scent Absolute starts off just like its elders in an icy and scathing wind of ginger in order to retain the aphrodisiac signature of the range. In his heart, the malinka fruit is still racing with gluttony but this time, the star guest of this Boss The Scent Absolute, the roots of mondia, an aphrodisiac and invigorating African medicinal plant, which will give it a green and smoky strength. powerful and above all shrouded in mystery. Finally the depths of vetiver close this sensual juice with elegance, nervousness and a woody sensuality that quite simply encourages you to come and dive into it …