Lira by xerjoff

My thoughts on lira by Xerjoff

At first whiff (on a piece of face paper), I wasn’t entirely convinced about Lira by Xerjoff. I decided to take a chance and purchase a decant even though I knew the orange would be substantial. Additionally, fragrances with many flowery notes tend to make me feel queasy. It had a pleasant aroma, like a sweet citrus cream confection with a touch of cinnamon and a perceptible trace of flowers below that prevented it from being too sweet and overwhelming. It’s nice, but I don’t understand all the fuss that’s been made over it. The sprayed-on tissue was placed in one of my cosmetics and skincare drawers, where it remained undisturbed (am I the only one who does this, haha), as per my customary practice.

The next day, when I opened the drawer where I had stored the tissue, I was met with caramel’s indescribably unique and sophisticated aroma. What was left in the tissue was exquisite, with hardly a trace of the intense orange top notes remaining. As I continued to inhale it, I had the impression that this was the kind of perfume that royalty would like to wear. It was a sweet caramel, but there were hints of vanilla and spice, a whisper of citrus, and a recollection of powdered blossoms from the distant past. I couldn’t believe that a caramel gourmand could have such a sophisticated aroma. It was exquisite. It had a scent that was both exceptionally well balanced and incredibly pricey (which it is).

I decided to try it again the following day, and to my astonishment, the scent was much more enticing when it was in contact with my skin. The top notes have the same aroma, a burst of citrus (I notice orange and lemon for some reason), combined with a spicy, sweet, and creamy quality. After a short period, it mutated into something else: a gorgeous, smoky, vanilla caramel with a gentle undercurrent of spice and citrus notes. When it is in contact with my skin, musk takes on an enhanced quality, transforming into an alluring and alluring aroma. I wore it for a few more days to ensure that my experience wasn’t only a reflection of the excellent reviews I had read and hoped to find. I also wore it on a trip since any perfume that can get me through a flight without making me feel sick is already a winner in my book, and this one certainly lives up to that standard. My 10-milliliter sample has been worn virtually every other day, including when I go to bed, for the last two weeks, and it has been reduced by 35%; this is my indication that I should give serious consideration to purchasing the entire bottle. It is relatively pricey, and Christmas has just passed, which means that the costs associated with it have just about run their course.

The sillage is not terrible at four sprays, and while it will not cause others to stare as you go by, it will gradually cover the air around you like a cloud. For example, when my mother came to visit over the weekend, I asked her what she thought of the perfume I was wearing, and for her to smell it, she had to sniff it right off my arm. I’m not sure if that makes any sense. After a few moments, I entered our little guest room, which is where she always sleeps, and after we had spoken for a few minutes, she casually inquired if it was me she smelled since it smelt pretty fantastic (she was about three feet away). It’s not a beast for me, but I like it that way since I enjoy fragrances that have a tighter sillage than a beast that covers a whole room; this is a preference on my part, however. On my skin (forearm) is between eight and ten hours at most until it disappears nearly entirely; on garments, it may linger for up to twenty-four hours (although at that point, there is virtually no sillage), but my nose is quite sensitive. Considering the cost, it would have been preferable to have a more significant and longer-lasting effect on clothing.

Lira by xerjoff
Lira by Xerjoff

This is an excellent alternative to consider if you seek a more refined, sophisticated gourmand and have a large wallet. I can see why some people could find it to have an uninspiring aroma, given that the thing that gives it its distinctive quality is the attention to detail in the minute particulars, which ultimately comes down to personal choice. For me, the scent is far more enticing when it is absorbed into my skin than when it is read off the page.

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