Orange Blossoms Perfume Serge Lutens

Orange Blossoms Perfume Serge Lutens

What if the fragrance of Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger hid other wonders?

Fleurs d’Oranger offers a very “Lutensian” interpretation of the pretty Mediterranean by offering it in a flowery and luminous fragrance to perfume the greyness of sun and flowers. No sobriety in this exhilarating flowery where orange blossom becomes velvety and sensual.

What if the fragrance of Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger hid other wonders?

After having worked for a long time on typically oriental raw materials, Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake developed a sunny scent composition of course, but with a more European than Eastern light. The opulent and flowery Orange Blossoms was born in 2003.

Of course, Fleurs d’Oranger de Lutens had to treat this flower that has become familiar by offering a new and original juice, which was also a source of discontent for neroli flower purists who do not recognize it from this fragrance. To ask Lutens to do classical music would not be to deny his genius for excess and creation?

Orange Blossoms is therefore a sparkling, very Lutensian cocktail, blossoming with orange blossom of course, but also sprinkled with the floral scents most present in master Lutens’ favorite lands. Flowers that Lutens has already proposed previously such as the splendid jasmine and the pretty tuberose from À La Nuit or even the royal rose of Her Majesty the rose. However, until now, Lutens had never made them appear in one and the same scent. He therefore makes the evil tongues lie who saw him only as the creator of dark and mysterious perfumed works.

An explosion of flowers and sensuality in a fragrant bouquet called Orange Blossom

The luminous and very solar Orange Blossoms radiates its orange aura beyond the now cult bottle of the Lutens house. Dazzled by its rays, we only ask to open this precious case to finally have the joy of tasting this multivitamin nectar.

The very hesperidic top notes thanks to the lemon surprise us so much Lutens had never accustomed us to such fresh scents. Then the precious heart of sunny flowers comes to intoxicate us with its orange blossom delicacies of course, but also jasmine, white rose and tuberose. This divine mixture will be punctuated by sweet nutmeg which perhaps then signal the imminent arrival of a new surprise. Sensuality of course! The radiant flower will transform into a velvety caress thanks to tonkin musk, hibiscus and caraway. “The smell of happiness. Isn’t the orange blossom already a fruit, a nascent zephyr, a child’s kiss … It is the enchantress. »Tells us Lutens for Orange Blossoms.

Orange Blossoms therefore does not resemble the scent… of an orange blossom. Is. So what? With this sublime radiant and luminous perfume Lutens signs one of his most exquisite works. At the same time, he demonstrates that he is not only a chiaroscuro artist but also quite simply a luminous artist. Maybe also a little illuminated!

Released in 2003, “ Orange Blossoms ”is a unique mixed essence. As its name suggests, Serge Lutens put the orange blossom at the top of the podium. Serge Lutens, known for his extraordinary creations, once again presents an atypical and dazzling absolute composition which highlights a highly prized ingredient in perfumery. Here, it will be the orange blossom. Sensual and fresh, “Orange Blossoms” resembles a patio of flowers on a spring morning. An intoxicating and oriental essence reminiscent of the Mediterranean scents dear to the heart of Serge Lutens.

Christopher Sheldrake takes center stage again for Lutens with Flowers of Oraneger

Like the majority of Serge Lutens perfumes, it is the English nose Christopher Sheldrake which is at the origin of “Orange blossom”. If Christopher Sheldrake lived in England, he was born in India, and maybe that’s what gave him the taste of strong and spicy scents. Christopher Sheldrake began his career with the Charabot company. He then joined Robertet in Great Britain. Christopher Sheldrake has traveled extensively, mainly for Quest International, and has been able to explore many scents from all continents. Since 2005, Christopher Sheldrake has worked for Chanel as Director of Research and Development of Perfumes, now alongside Olivier Polge. However Christopher Sheldrake is a quiet man and prefers to be a shadow man. He met Serge Lutens in 1987 and their collaboration was like love at first sight. In addition to his position at the heart of the Chanel house, Christopher Sheldrake is there whenever Serge Lutens needs him.

Orange blossom as you’ve never seen it thanks to Lutens

Orange blossom is the flower of the sour orange tree. Its origin is uncertain, as legends say it originated from India, while others say it originated from China. Today, Morocco is the main producer of orange blossom. With its white leaves, the orange blossom has a heady, but still pleasant smell. Fragile in appearance, orange blossom offers suave and sensual notes, currently very popular with all perfumers. In perfumery, orange blossom absolute is obtained by extraction with volatile solvents. It takes a ton of flowers to make 1.5 kg of absolute. In perfumery, orange blossom is mainly used in floral and oriental fragrances, where it offers extraordinary luminosity. Here, “Orange Blossoms” begins with orange blossoms associated with jasmine, which is also a very luminous flower. The heart is also loaded with orange blossom which is then combined with the white rose for more femininity. The base is intoxicating with emotions, and marvelously mixes spices, nutmeg, cumin with sensual notes of musk and hibiscus… An unexpected radiance.

“ Orange Blossoms ”is a rare essence signed Christopher Sheldrake, like the majority of Serge Lutens perfumes. Orange blossom is in the spotlight as well as these many facets. Flower of love, the orange blossom, white and intoxicating, reveals here all its personality.

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