Boss The Scent Intense

Boss The Scent Intense
Boss The Scent Intense

Hugo Boss’s new concentrate of sensuality

Boss The Scent is a scent that almost everyone is familiar with. However, it does not have a history dating back several decades. In fact, it only took him a few months to climb to the top of men’s fragrance sales. So, on the strength of its success, the Hugo Boss brand first decided to make a feminine version. Here again, the glory already seems to be there. So why stop there? This is how Hugo Boss decided to make the brand new Boss The Scent Intense.

The new intensity of Hugo Boss perfume

As the name of this essence suggests, it is just an amplified version of the latest Boss The Scent. If we consider that this perfume was already particularly carnal, you will easily imagine that the newcomer intends to raise the temperature a notch! Thus, it immediately displays its erotic side by daring to present us, from its top notes, an aphrodisiac accord of ginger. This energetic and spicy ingredient is associated here with green cardamom. Then, the sensuality of Boss The ScentIntense amplifies even more in his heart. Like its predecessor, this new fragrance focuses on an ingredient little known in the world of perfumery: the maninka fruit. Also recognized for its aphrodisiac properties, this fruit from South Africa combines the scent of passion fruit with that of rum. Here it is accompanied by one of the most emblematic ingredients of men’s perfumery: lavender. Then, this aromatic facet gives way to the animal sensuality of leather. Finally, Boss The Scent Intense ends with more sweetness thanks to vanilla.

The amber bottle of Boss The Scent Intense

As in the past, Boss The Scent Intense is presented to us in a bottle similar to a glass cage surrounded by silver metal. At the same time contemporary, robust and refined, this bottle has many assets to seduce us. Its roundness suggests a certain softness. On the other hand, the robustness of its glass perfectly embodies the virility of the Hugo Boss collection. All the details of Boss The Scent have been taken up and only its juice is now more amber and dark than before. The set is topped with a brushed metal cabochon. Thus, Boss The Scent Intense is always very contemporary.

Hugo Boss remains faithful to its communication campaign

On the advertising side, the images of the Boss The Scent Intense campaign have not yet been revealed. On the other hand, we already know that its advertising will highlight the two usual muses of the brand. This will bring together German top model Anna Ewers and actor Théo James on screen. We are already looking forward to discovering the rest of the romance of this already legendary couple …