Hugo Boss Hugo Man Extreme perfume

Hugo Boss Hugo Man Extreme perfume
Hugo Boss Hugo Man Extreme perfume

The perfume of the extreme Hugo Man by Hugo Boss

You could not have finished this year 2015 without noticing the colossal amount of advertisements for the new fragrance from the house of Hugo Boss, namely Boss The Scent. This one then plunged us into a particularly refined and highly sensual atmosphere. With him, the seducer who is in you could finally be revealed in broad daylight. Hugo Boss also intends to start the year 2016 on the hats of wheels and continue in this direction. Hugo Boss has just announced the release of its new fragrance Hugo Man Extreme , this time intended for a more relaxed and younger man.

The revisiting of a legendary perfume by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a particularly popular brand nowadays. Indeed, its know-how is recognized throughout the world, both in terms of sewing and in terms of perfumery. In addition, Hugo Boss fragrances were voted the favorite of the French last year. Also, Hugo Boss was not going to stop there and will therefore soon be launching the new Hugo Man Extreme.

In this case, it still inspires us an air of deja vu. Indeed, it is a revisit of the very famous Hugo perfume of the house. The latter was one of the first masculine essences created by the brand. It was born in 1995 and surprised as much as it wowed the crowd. We were then a long way from the very refined image of the house and the suits intended for businessmen. Hugo embodied a more laid back man who didn’t hesitate to swap his perfectly fitted tuxedo for jeans and a T-shirt.

After all, Hugo didn’t care what to say. Its motto was none other than “Don’t imitate, innovate! “. Hugo is himself and he says it. Also, this image pleased a lot, almost as much as its perfectly structured smell. In addition, more than 20 years after its release, this fragrance does not seem to have aged a bit. The new Hugo Man Extreme therefore offers us a revisit of this legend which is intended to be even more intense and more modern.

Hugo Man Extreme and its invigorating scent

Hugo Boss - Hugo Man Extreme fragrance
Hugo Boss – Hugo Man Extreme fragrance

Of course, as we do not change a winning team, the house has decided to take back its famous bottle in the shape of a gourd from the army. This one is very masculine and immediately gives off a strong image of virility. In addition, its transparency gives a glimpse of the bluish green juice of the essence. Only the name of the brand stands out with its bright red color. On the scent side, the new Hugo Man Extreme opens with a scent of green apple.

This one is clearly played in overdose and then releases an extreme dynamism allied to a very appreciable fruity touch. Its heart, meanwhile, is more aromatic. It combines sage, geranium and lavender. The aromas that emerge are then very spicy, somewhat pinkish and even a little lemony. Finally, all the virility of the essence is at its bottom. The latter is particularly woody. It consists in particular of cedar and fir resin. This new Hugo Man Extreme has absolutely nothing to envy its predecessor. It is just as refined and asserts itself with just as much character.