Hugo Boss perfume Hugo XY Eau de Toilette

Hugo Boss perfume Hugo XY Eau de Toilette
Hugo Boss perfume Hugo XY Eau de Toilette

Hugo XY, would the Hugo Boss man have matured?

Remember, the Hugo Boss house launched a fragrance called Hugo in the 90s. Today, this cult fragrance has become Hugo XY, as if the Hugo Boss man had suddenly matured, and that he was taking full possession of life as a couple.

Hugo XY is a more mature and ambitious fragrance than before. However, don’t get me wrong, Hugo XY has managed to retain a certain dose of irreverence. It is both sensual and glamorous while highlighting a real electrifying explosion. Hugo XY is inspired by the duality of man and woman to create an olfactory contrast. Hugo XY is a perfume halfway between complicity and rivalry. He leads us towards an intriguing, seductive and dangerous power game. Hugo XY offers us a particularly modern and fanciful trail , bringing together fusional chords that everything seems to oppose.

Hugo XY perfume, an astonishing and very contemporary trail

Hugo XY first gives us the fairly standard vision of a man. Thus, it is composed of contemporary aromatic notes but very widespread in men’s perfumery. Its scent revolves around a powerful basil shaken with freshness. Indeed, it associates with crushed ice and mint. This very vegetal accord is further reinforced by the presence of bergamot and citron. The pear retains the clarity of the whole but still softens this recipe. It is then that the contrasts appear. This airy initial freshness is counterbalanced by a much more powerful and manly trail. Hugo XY continues with a woody accord of cedar from Lebanon. This raw material offers us here a dry and wild scent reinforced by the elegant depth of patchouli.

Hugo Boss - Hugo XY Eau de Toilette
Hugo Boss – Hugo XY Eau de Toilette

The Hugo man has evolved. He is still irreverent, but tidier, wiser. He is now in a relationship. Hugo XY is a fragrant interpretation of Hugo irreverence for a more mature man. Revisited, this new attitude is expressed around an intense green aromatic bouquet combining mint and basil.

Men’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Woody – Aromatic

Head note: Green pear, Bergamot, Citron.

Heart note: Crushed Ice, Basil, Mint.

Base note: Cedar, Patchouli, Musk.

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