Hugo Boss’s new ad for the fragrance “Boss The Scent”

Hugo Boss's new advertisement for the fragrance "Boss The Scent"
Hugo Boss‘s new advertisement for the fragrance “Boss The Scent”

Boss The Scent: Hugo Boss’s new ad. A palpable magnetism

For many years, the image of Hugo Boss was above all associated with that of an ambitious businessman, desperate to rise to the highest levels of the hierarchical ladder. Then, lately, Hugo Boss changed course, this time portraying us the portrait of a more sensual and charming man, listening to his partner. It was in 2015 that the Boss The Scent perfume appeared, with bewitching magnetism, and a woody and fruity scent. So, how about immersing yourself in the universe of this essence and admiring its latest advertisement for the less magnetic?

Hugo Boss’s new muses

Jamie Dornan as the Hugo Boss man

For once, let’s start by making the man-made presentations of this advertisement. Succeeding Théo James, it is now Jamie Dornan who lends his image to Boss The Scent perfume . Totally irresistible in advertising, he was first a model for ten years, before becoming an actor. Moreover, he is undoubtedly one of the personalities of show business who has made women fantasize the most in recent years, and for good reason… Jamie Dornan is best known for having played the role of Christian Gray in the “Fifty Shades of Gray” trilogy. Previously, he had also played in the television series “Once Upon a Time” and “The Fall”. To our greatest pleasure, he once again takes on his best role: that of seducer.

Brigit Kos, new bewitching wife of Hugo Boss

To face him in the advertising campaign of Boss The Scent For Her , the Hugo Boss house has set its sights on Brigit Kos, succeeding for his part Natasha Poly. The 22-year-old is a Dutch model, whose azure eyes are sure to seduce all the biggest luxury brands on the planet. Versace, Chloé, Miu Miu or even Stella McCartney… They all tear up her devastating charm!

The orchestral staging of Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss’s commercial is surprisingly long and thus immerses us perfectly in his universe. For two minutes, it is a game of magnetic seduction that operates under our astonished gaze. The foreground shows us Jamie Dornan in a convertible, arriving in the forecourt of the opera house. The decor is futuristic, uncluttered and dominated by white, which gives this advertisement a perfect luminosity. In a flood of spectators, Jamie Dornan joined the auditorium and settled in his seat.

The place right next to him remains empty, until a young woman, slightly late, appears. While all the other spectators have put on their virtual glasses, the two young people exchange a few sulphurous glances. Their hands brush against each other. The sensuality is palpable. Then, suddenly, Brigit Kos leaves her seat and slips away, much to the despair of her new lover. While he thought she was lost, he finally found her in the hallway of the opera house. First attracted by interposed screens, Jamie Dornan and Brigit Kos finally succumb to the call of their emotions, as for them very real.
The other protagonists of Hugo Boss advertising

An advertisement directed by Drake Doremus

Pour réaliser cette campagne télévisuelle, la brand Hugo Boss a fait appel au réalisateur Drake Doremus. Né en Californie, il a à son actif de nombreuses réalisations, dont plusieurs longs-métrages. Outre son rôle de réalisateur, il est également scénariste et a même joué en tant qu’acteur dans le court-métrage « Morning After » en 2006. « Like Crazy » compte parmi ses réalisations les plus remarquées, film avec lequel il a remporté le Grand prix du Jury du Sundance Film Festival en 2011.

Ólafur Arnalds, musicien de la campagne de Boss The Scent

Dans cette publicité, un autre acteur occupe une place centrale : le pianiste se produisant ce soir-là au cœur de cet opéra futuriste. Il s’agit d’Ólafur Arnalds, musicien et producteur islandais qui a réorchestré au piano le morceau « Brim », spécialement pour Hugo Boss. Extrait de  l’album « For Now I Am Winter » de 2012, il devient ici une musique classique envoûtante qui ne fait que souligner le charme de cette campagne télévisuelle.

Pour Jamie Dornan, égérie de Boss The Scent, il s’agit d’un parfum « Captivant, irrésistible ». « Les qualités indéniables de Boss The Scent sont retravaillées sous une autre forme, dit-il. Une nouvelle édition du parfum Boss The Scent se joint à la collection et inaugure une nouvelle histoire de séduction ».