Hugo Now, the new essence of Hugo Boss’s already cult perfume

Hugo Now, the new essence of Hugo Boss's already cult perfume
Hugo Now, the new essence of Hugo Boss‘s already cult perfume

Hugo Now, Hugo Boss signs a new variant of its cult perfume

Some perfumes are so famous that they keep reinventing themselves year after year. However, if there were only one to embody the young generation of Hugo Boss men, it would undoubtedly be the perfumes of the Hugo range . Designed in 1995, the first Hugo immediately aroused the love of the public. Since then, its aromatic freshness has reinvented itself year after year, as if to reveal to us the different facets of the male personality. Even today, Hugo Boss has decided to put its famous fragrance back in the spotlight. Get ready to welcome the new Hugo Now.

The return of a well-known gourd …

The fact that the new Hugo Now belongs to the large Hugo Boss family is immediately obvious when you see its bottle. Indeed, the allure of its bottle remains unchanged since its first creation in 1995. The idea is simple: to go to the essential and to do in simplicity. Thus, the Hugo Now bottle is inspired by a traditional flask. This container is similar to a gourd, as if its sole purpose was to transport water, the only element essential to human life. This time, its smooth glass has given way to a frosted glass. Behind the latter hides a bluish fragrance, from which the name Hugo stands out, inscribed in red. The whole is topped by a small screw cap connected to the rest of the bottle by a blue fabric ribbon that is both masculine and modern.

Hugo Now, an intensely fresh fragrance

Hugo Now makes men shudder from his first breath. Thus, it immediately combines a citrus duo. It brings together cardamom and lemon zest, for a very invigorating and particularly invigorating result. Then, Hugo Boss incorporated one of the most famous floral notes in men’s perfumery into his fragrance: lavender. Very appreciated for its lively and aromatic scent, lavender also recalls the smell of barber’s soap of yesteryear. It is therefore written into the male DNA! Here, its power is amplified by the addition of mint. Then, little by little, Hugo Now’s masculinity was enriched with vetiver, as if to assert his character and his natural charisma.

Hugo Now, the scent of a determined adventurer

Like its elders, Hugo Now advocates freedom and assertiveness. Its motto is simple: “Don’t imitate, innovate! “. In other words, Hugo Now is intended for all modern day adventurers. With him, embrace the impossible and take on the craziest challenges! More than ever, Hugo Now invites you to live in the present moment. Your future is here and now. So why wait? Isn’t life worth living fully and intensely? Hugo Now is not lacking in temperament. It is the new essence of an individual identity. With him, luxury is reduced to the essentials. All that matters is the surpassing of oneself and instant pleasure.