Hugo or Hugo Man, the perfume of a whole generation

Hugo or Hugo Man, the perfume of a whole generation

Born in 1995, Hugo later called Hugo Man is distinguished from the first notes by a new and daring freshness which does not seek to seduce by a classic composition but rather by offering a young, modern and pure air. Both design and communication campaigns are striking and are being noticed by beautiful mythical ambassadors. Hugo is the first great success in perfumery of the Hugo Boss house.

Hugo or the bold and fresh perfumes of men who do not imitate!

In the 90s, the brand of costumes and accessories Hugo Boss is at its peak. The cut of his clothes, both modern and chic, is appealing and is particularly aimed at young dynamic executives who are making the heyday of the industry of the 20th century. Faced with this success, the brand decided to diversify by offering new ranges, including the Hugo range intended for young men looking for jeans or t-shirts that were both casual and elegant. It is therefore in honor of this young range that the beautiful Hugo perfume will be created.

Hugo, now called Hugo Man, is a perfume that aims to be sober and refined. With its slender and fresh composition, it draws the aspirations of young men in search of freedom, of the joy of living. Hugo Man frees himself from the constraints of styles and trends to create his own path, hence Hugo’s powerful slogan “Don’t imitate, innovate!” “.

“HUGO Man is a fragrance dedicated to men who want to lead their lives as they see fit. They are true originals, believing that the rules are made to be defied and that individual potential should be explored to the fullest. »Hugo Boss for Hugo Man.

In order to embody in the image the young and free man of Hugo Man, the first choice of Hugo Boss is the star model of the time Werner Schreyer. Parties with friends, laughter and good humor are the ingredients of the first one as of all the other Hugo spots. Hugo Man will subsequently be worn both visually and on screen by stars recognized for their inimitable style such as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Jared Leto or more recently Zac Efron.

Hugo Man innovates with an unprecedented masculine fruity note

Hugo Man’s playful and original bottle was designed by Petter Schmitt to allude to a military gourd, diverted for the occasion into a delicate object scented with freedom. Both the steel cap and the red label are absolutely modern and bring the ardor of a new man to this beautiful light blue juice.

Hugo Man immediately offers aromatic notes of mint and lavender mixed with the zesty power of a grapefruit. A green apple note brings its sparkling freshness to this ultra dynamic set. The green and lively heart of Hugo Man explodes in nervous plants such as geranium or clary sage to better mate with powerfully spicy cloves. Lily of the valley and jasmine breathe their floral sweetness into these aromatic sparkling wines. Finally, the ultra-woody depths of vetiver, pine needles, patchouli, cedar and sandalwood plunge the Hugo Man into the mysteries of a bewitching wood.
“Bringing a real boost of confidence-inspiring freshness the moment you spray it, HUGO Man is the perfect scent for those who aren’t afraid to live.”their dreams. »Hugo Boss for Hugo Man.