Hugo Reversed, new Hugo Boss fragrance

Hugo Reversed, new Hugo Boss fragrance
Hugo Reversed, new Hugo Boss fragrance

If the Hugo Boss label has been synonymous with beautiful elegance for years, it had already shown that it knew how to address a younger audience with its Hugo lines but also with modern and airy fragrances such as the now cult Hugo. Man (or Hugo Signature) in 1995.

Subsequently, Hugo Boss perfumes will be delighted to offer themselves to constantly different men, sometimes chic and dynamic with Boss Bottled, sometimes seductive and terribly sensual as with Boss The Scent.
To enhance its new Hugo Reversed capsule collection, the label has chosen to offer this time in 2019 a contrasting and surprising Hugo Reversed fragrance.

A perfume for men that is both elegant and urban, Hugo Reversed

The capsule collection of the Hugo youth label, Hugo Reversed, offered an even more modern take on young Hugo Bosses. Already a follower of a sober look that plays on contrasts and the Hugo logo to offer a minimalist look, this time Hugo caused even more sensation by flocking the famous logo on the reverse side on sweatshirts and t-shirts. Simply a daring answer to the many fashion selfies young people can take! The idea was simple but the innovative concept, the Reversed collection took off from its first steps in 2018.
“Constantly evolving, the HUGO REVERSED collection is aligned with the avant-garde trend that is taking hold of our windows. This new collection is contemporary and in perfect harmony with those who wear it. »Paulette Magazine.

In order to offer a fragrance as daring as this collection, Hugo Boss will therefore be offering in 2019 a fragrance, the sparkling and modern Hugo Reversed. More than ever intended for young men who like to surprise, the olfactory contrasts of Hugo Reversed will be more marked than ever.

The composition of the Hugo Reversed fragrance

Clashes of tangy freshness against woody forces of Haitian vetiver

Hugo Reversed, although very innovative, will nonetheless be presented in the legendary Hugo Boss gourd bottle which, since 1995, housed the splendid and legendary Hugo Man. This time, however, the Hugo Reversed glass will take on white tints which will contrast with the black and white Hugo logo, reversed of course!

To give birth to Hugo Reversed the same force of novelty and freshness brought by the capsule collection, the perfumers who created this new fragrance did not hesitate to bring together opposing notes between intense freshness and burning sensuality. .

The Hugo Reversed fragrance will therefore carry us away first in a spicy breeze of freshness thanks to Calabrian bergamot and grapefruit. At the heart, rosemary will play the fresh and aromatic guests while the depths open on the volutes of a powerful, virile and terribly sensual Haitian vetiver.

Mainly aimed at a young audience, Hugo Reversed’s absolute modernity will undoubtedly please with its hot colds which detonate, sometimes offering a reassuring image of traditional masculine olfactory notes, sometimes an exotic woody force still rarely used alone in perfume.