The Boss spirit in a perfume: Boss Bottled

The Boss spirit in a perfume: Boss Bottled
The Boss spirit in a perfume: Boss Bottled

Who thinks Hugo Boss immediately thinks of the embodiment of the male class. Before being a luxury brand, Boss is above all a state of mind. The Boss man is something that every woman would dream of having as a husband and a lover and also embodies the ideal son-in-law. He is manly, passionate, sincere, whole and refined. This ambitious man assumes his emotions and this gives him an irresistible charm. He then perfectly embodies the image of today’s man, ready to rise through the ranks, both in professional and personal life. Also, he needed a perfume that lived up to his ambitions: Hugo Boss therefore created a fragrance that resembles him, the very famous Boss Bottled.

Boss Bottled, the fragrance for modern and refined men

Boss Bottled’s ultimate goalis to seduce men who embody the very essence of the house, both modern and elegant. In fact, the ambition is simply to perfume the same gentlemen that the house dresses in its finest clothes. Carla Liuni, General Manager and CEO Prestige of the brand, thinks that “It is important that there is creative continuity. A common thread. »It is therefore the whole identity of Hugo Boss that is found in this bottle. Boss Bottled is a sophisticated and rich fragrance. It opens with a very dynamic flight and citrus accords of lemon and orange. In addition, bergamot and very fruity plum are added, accompanied by the apple which further reinforces its freshness. Then, its heart appears and gives us a hotter and spicier essence. Boss Bottled then gives off an oriental sensation and smells of cinnamon and cloves. However, its floral aspect is indeed present and the geranium dominates. Finally, it ends with a particularly virile wake. The latter is very woody. It blends cedar, amber, olive, vetiver and sandalwood fragrance. The whole is then contrasted by a surprising touch of vanilla. What’s more, Boss Bottled’s outfit is exceptional and women can’t resist it.

The commercial of the intense version: Boss Bottled Intense

The avant-garde spirit of Hugo Boss

In the 90s, when it was released, the least we can say is that Boss Bottled was not at all conventional. The fashion was above all for very fresh scents. The fragrances looked very similar and none of them really stood out. This was without counting on the launch of the latest Hugo Boss creation… The house attached great importance to the development and innovative spirit of its new fragrance. The most surprising element then was the use of vanilla, until then only reserved for female perfumery. The bet was therefore daring but the success was immediately there and far from fleeting. Indeed, it’s been fifteen years that the love story lasts between Boss Bottled and his audience. In addition, this fragrance is still part of the Top 3 world fragrances today. So,

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