The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, new fragrances and new advertisement

Boss The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, new fragrances and new ad
Boss The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, new fragrances and new ad

Boss The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss, the staging of two lovers

In this year 2019, the Hugo Boss house presents two new essences from the Boss The Scent collection. Boss The Scent Absolute comes in a male and female version. To complete this olfactory outing, the brand has decided to accompany them with a new advertisement. Undoubtedly, these are two fragrances capable of raising the temperature a notch in a fraction of a second! So, how about immersing yourself in the intimacy of the two Hugo Boss muses and living a little of their love story with intensity?

Brigit Koss and Jamie Dornan, Hugo Boss muses

Brigit Koss is a Dutch model who was discovered at the age of 15 in Amsterdam and immediately moved to a modeling agency in the Netherlands. Little by little, Brigit Koss climbs the ranks and in turn seduces the greatest designers. Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Lindbergh… No one seems to be able to resist his azure eyes. Moreover, Brigit Koss regularly makes the front page of the biggest magazines on the planet. Today, she is accompanied by Jamie Dornan, also a model, but rather known for his acting in The 50 Shades of Gray. No Ladies, you’re not dreaming, Hugo Boss has set his sights on Christian Gray to make him his muse! With such a duo, here is what promises us an advertising of the most seductive …

Boss The Scent Absolute, one of the most sensual images

In the previous commercial for Boss The Scent, which aired about a year ago, Jamie Dornan and Brigit Koss met at the opera and fell in love with each other through the intermediary of screens. We then separated from the couple in the middle of a game of seduction. Well, if you were wondering what happened to this budding duo of lovers until then, know that their story seems to have continued! This time, in the heart of the illuminated night of a thrilling city, Jamie Dornan and Brigit Koss meet again. Their breath guides all this publicity, just like classical music played harmoniously in the background. The different scenes filmed on camera intertwine. The advertisement for Boss The Scent Absolute gives us the effect of a game of seduction in terms of emotion and feeling. Hugo Boss draws a parallel with the boiling water, the crackling fire, the shiver that runs through the body,… While Brigit Koss and Jamie Dornan finally succumb to temptation, the force of the sensations is such that the bulbs explode! Undeniably, Boss The Scent Absolute is a sensual and almost erotic fragrance, warm and incandescent. The advertisement for Boss The Scent Absolute ends with the vision of these two bottles, which immediately appear as an inseparable couple.