The Scent, the fragrance of man’s maturity Hugo Boss

The Scent, the fragrance of man's maturity Hugo Boss
The Scent, the fragrance of man’s maturity Hugo Boss

The refined and elegant style of the Hugo Boss brand is known around the world and its reputation is well established.

In addition, Hugo Boss is known to be a prestigious brand that knows how to showcase the strengths of men wonderfully. Also, the latest fragrance for men from the house is no exception to the rule and wonderfully sublimates the wearer. However, it is different from its predecessors. With him, the man is more mature and more attentive. It is then impossible for his partner to resist his crazy charm.

The Scent, an aphrodisiac love potion

The Scent embodies the ideal, totally desirable man that every woman dreams of having by her side. The Boss man has always been a flirtatious man. However, it seems that he has calmed down and made way for a softer, more attentive character. Moreover, according to the luxury house, it is the “luxurious & seductive to date” perfume, the most luxurious and the most seductive to date. He is passionate, refined and delicate.

The Scent therefore opens on a very aphrodisiac note. The first impression that emerges is halfway between spices and freshness. Its ginger scent instantly intoxicates us and floods us with its dynamism. Then, maninka, used for the first time in perfumery, takes over. This essence from Africa almost reminds us of the passion fruit and rum so popular in this part of the world. Its essence is then very sweet and like full of sunshine. Finally, The Scent has a very leathery base. Its trail is slightly smoky and addictive, even if we can also distinguish the essence of lavender which binds everything together in a very subtle way. Finally, far from fading quickly, all its subtlety is revealed over the hours.

Hugo Boss delivers us his fragrance with a luxurious bottle and a couple of irresistible muses

The bottle of The Scent, on the other hand, is a sort of cage enclosing a love filter. Thus, it prevents the precious nectar from escaping, except to land in the crook of your neck, thus increasing your power of seduction tenfold. Its design is very clean and reveals a warm color that evokes its scorching and luxurious side. Finally, its name, “The Scent” literally meaning “the smell”, can be read delicately on the cork. It seems affixed there as if to suggest that we remove it if we want to discover its content.

In terms of advertising, it is the handsome Theo James who represents the emblematic figure of the Boss man. A heavy task, of course, but how can you refuse to enter this circle of such prestigious muses, especially while being in such charming company? We therefore find him accompanied by the beautiful Russian model, Natasha Poly. This couple of rare beauty is all in elegance and their respective charm does not go unnoticed. They embody the glamor and fascination of two opposites that fate, or perfume, would have united. In this ad, seduction is omnipresent and all our senses are in turmoil. However, believe us, it is not compared to the effect that the smell of Boss The Scent will have on you as soon as you decide to discover its aromas.