A * Men Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

A * Men Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Mugler’s star perfume for men: A * Men

Also, the men were quick to show their desire to discover his male counterpart. This is how A * Men was born, in 1996.

The audacity of Thierry Mugler in a perfume for men

Angel was the very first feminine perfume to dare to display the scent of what we eat. In this case, it is the first fragrance designed by Thierry Mugler and with the appetizing scent of praline, cotton candy and candy apple. Despite the reluctance of perfumers to develop this one, it is clear that it was a huge success. Also, in the tradition of this perfume UFO, Thierry Mugler developed A * Men four years later. This is Thierry Mugler’s first male juice. This materializes a sort of contemporary and timeless hero. In fact, it is the result of the creator’s passion for comics, famous American comics from the 50s and featuring superheroes in a legendary universe halfway between myth and reality. This was the source of inspiration for Thierry Mugler when he created A * Men. Thus, he was faithful to his very creative imagination and to his unbridled and limitless imagination. A * Men therefore portrays us the image of a man without half measures, particularly virile and imposing his inner strength and his desire to win. A * Men is the scent of a determined man, at the same time very dynamic, dreamy and daring.

The gourmet sensuality of A * Men

Of course, A * Men couldn’t appear right after Angel without revealing a heavy dose of gluttony to us as well. To make this essence, Thierry Mugler called on the perfumer Jacques Huclier. He imagined a contrasting juice today described as being the first gourmet oriental fragrance for men and having paved the way for many other essences. This has a deceptively sweet sweetness associated with a more powerful and dry woody accord. It all begins with a metallic and spicy freshness based on peppermint. This combines with the freshness of bergamot and draws its aromatic facet from lavender and coriander. From then on, a full-bodied coffee flavor emerges. This coats a woody accord containing patchouli and Atlas cedar. Finally, A * Men s’ ends with the explosive power of the styrax. Nevertheless, the latter is softened by the sweetness of tonka bean and the animality of musk. Everything turns out to be particularly modern and very masculine. What’s more, A * Men is anchored in a very futuristic bottle designed by Thierry Mugler himself. This one is cut in a large metallic block. The whole assembles with contrasts a shiny zamac, a black rubber very pleasant to the touch and an absolutely fascinating blue star.

After having proposed with unprecedented success in Angel perfumery in 1992, Thierry Mugler wanted to offer the same delicacies in a masculine fragrance, Angel’s alter ego, A * Men. A * Men will be designed by Jacques Huclier as a perfume with multiple faces, faces that perfectly embody the man of the 21st century between strength and energy, between gourmet sweets and manly sensualities.

A * Men or the contrasting fragrance between reassuring comfort and absolute modernity signed Jacques Huclier for Mugler

In 1992, Thierry Mugler and Olivier Cresp his perfumer hit hard with the very first perfume of the futurist stylist, Angel. The very first perfume to offer women sweet and gourmet scents, Angel will revolutionize women’s olfactory habits by launching a trend that will assert itself and still assert itself in the majority in perfumery, gourmet fragrances. How can we imagine that with the tremendous success of Angel, Thierry Mugler does not offer him a male alter ego?

Four years later and this time with the meticulous work of Jacques Huclier, Angel * Men (who will subsequently be A * Men) will conquer the male market. Worked as a perfume that is both very innovative and relatively classic, A * Men will be happy to offer these gentlemen the beauty of its multiple contrasting accords.

Indeed, A * Men has been very successful. first conceived by Jacques Huclier as a friendly perfume, a perfume with classic citrus and aromatic scents that reassure. But these classic accords are also and above all used to propel modern or even futuristic accords, such as the famous bitumen note composed only by Jacques Huclier for A * Men or even the scents of roasted coffee.

“I think that ‘A * Men is a “friendly” fragrance. At first it was a bit strange and then gradually more and more people liked this perfume. I try to make reassuring scents and then afterwards I add ingredients to them to make them become more mysterious, more interesting and more grandiose. “& Nbsp; Jacques Huclier about A * Men by Thierry Mugler for Map of the Heart.

The first gourmet male fragrance: A * Men by Thierry Mugler

Of course A * Men would seem to be the most beautiful olfactory summary of the multiple personality of the stylist who gave it its name. Thierry Mugler wanted a masculine perfume in his image, Jacques Huclier offered him, better he offered men their very first gourmet perfume without making them lose their classic scents or their beautiful virility.

Thus A * Men is offered in three olfactory sections. It opens first with an energetic and relatively classic chapter for masculine scents thanks to aromatic notes of mint, coriander and lavender married to a tangy bergamot and a touch of hedione . Then the absolute powers of cocoa married to notes of roasted coffee and tonka bean open the doors to the second chapter, the gourmet notes of this A * Men which bring us back to the beauty of childhood memories. Finally the sensual and deep accord of patchouli-vanilla ends this beautiful story of A * Men with a last chapter of the most sensual and virile.


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