A * Men Pure Energy Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

A * Men Pure Energy Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

A * Men Pure Energy a concentrate of vitality

A * Men Pure Shot (now A * Men Pure Energy) is a scent of champions that is consumed like a magnificent energizing cocktail.

A * Men Pure Energy: the scent of all challenges Thierry Mugler

The year 2012 is the year of all sporting prowess, including of course the year of the famous London Olympic Games. During these new Olympics, some athletes will stand out as much for their prowess as for their astonishing strength of character, it is precisely these strong human qualities that will be the sources of inspiration for the new version of A * Men , A * Men Pure. Shot.

A * Men Pure Shot is intended to be the scent of exploits, the scent of ultimate challenges, the one that by the force of its “performance booster” wake will give men the strength to surpass themselves. Quite naturally, Mugler perfumery then chose to have this perfume embodied by the athlete who, at the time, best defined this sporty and courageous man, the Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius.

The athlete is a model of combativeness and courage as he has been able to transform his handicap into an invincible force. Indeed Oscar Pistorius lost the use of both legs very early on, which did not prevent him from becoming the most medal-winning sprinter in his category. Moreover Thierry Mugler said of him: “Oscar opens the way to a new profile of modern hero: an atypical personality, who asserts himself beyond anything one can imagine”.

So it will be the athlete who wears this pretty limited edition A * Men Pure Shot. Both visuals and advertisements will be directed by Thierry Mugler himself and the futuristic staging proposed by Ali Mahdavi will be absolutely breathtaking. The result is up to the exploits.

And yet… In 2013 Oscar Pistorius was accused of murder. The hero is fallen. Out of respect for the family of the victim in the face of this tragedy, the Mugler company decides to withdraw from the broadcast all the campaigns carried out with Oscar Pistorius, including the one shot for A * Men Pure Shot. This certainly explains why the perfume is now known under the name of A * Men Pure Energy.

A performance-boosting fragrance named A * Men Pure Energy

A * Men Pure Energy does not hesitate to borrow the beautiful square flask from its predecessor A * Men which was also designed by Thierry Mugler himself. This time A * Men Pure Energy is adorned with a “skin” of immaculate white gum matched with the beautiful star which will be highlighted like a talisman of energy thanks to its electric blue.

A * Men Pure Energy opens with a kick-ass accord composed of ice mint punctuated by aromatics and powerful juniper berries. At the heart we will have the pleasure of discovering the adrenaline accord which will be delivered to our senses like a spicy discharge of white pepper and cardamom. Finally, the exploit accord will propel us its sensual and woody waves of patchouli and sequoia.

Despite great communication difficulties, A * Men Pure Shot which later became A * Men Pure Energy was a great success for the house of Mugler. Its intense and original freshness has made this now rare limited edition a fragrance particularly appreciated by men.


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