A * Men Pure Havane Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

A * Men Pure Havane Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

A * Men Pure Havana Mugler finds happiness in billowing smoke

Each of the flankers perfectly illustrates the perfumer’s taste for original scents, and the least we can say is that A * Men Pure Havane will not be outdone! A * Men Pure Havana, built as a tribute to the beauty and know-how of the cigar world, offers its scented volutes to a distinguished man.

A * Men Pure Havana or heightened virility

It would seem that the handsome A * Men, conceived as Angel’s alter-ego, has not only become in a few years a bestseller of men’s perfumes, but also on a basis for absolutely exceptional creations due to their originality!

First of all, the beautiful A * Men Pure Malt made us taste like the angels, then A * Men Pure Coffee made us melt into a beautiful chilled coffee and finally A * Men Pure Havane makes us plunge into the world of luxury cigars. Artisanal know-how, taste for the quality of raw materials, love of delicate flavors are values ​​that ultimately link the world of perfumery very deeply to that of cigar manufacturers.

In order to take the so pleasant new sensation offered by A * Men Pure Havana a little further, Mugler offers to savor it like a good cigar, under the three-thirds tasting rule. So no top or bottom notes but three different stages of discovery.

Like all the perfumes in the A * Men collection, A * Men Pure Havane is adorned with a sober and elegant visual where only the perfume is the star, matched with the material it wants to defend for this time , therefore a beautiful blond tobacco.

Tobacco scents for a racy fragrance called A * Men Pure Havana

A * Men Pure Havana is offered in the same washbasin bottle as the previous opus, a beautiful bottle which was also designed by Thierry Mugler himself. For this ode to the scent of blond tobacco, A * Men’s gum “skin” is tinted with a beautiful caramel color. It goes without saying that the pretty glass star of the heart will also carry the amber colors of its fragrance. </ p>

As we have seen previously A * Men Pure Havana feels like one would taste a cigar under the three -thirds method. The first third therefore offers the vegetal and amber power of fresh tobacco leaves accompanied by aromatic notes. The second third will offer a deliberately honeyed tobacco note whose smoky gluttony will be marvelously complemented by a sweet and exotic vanilla note. Finally, the third third will be even more intense thanks to the powerful marriage between a note of bitter cocoa and a woody and sensual patchouli.

“An intense fragrance with aromatic, honeyed and woody notes. “Mugler for A * Men Pure Havana.

The Thierry Mugler perfume house has been able to combine greed with success, and this from its very first perfume, Angel of course. A few years later, Olivier Cresp gave way to Jacques Huclier to compose a male version of this Angel under the pretty name of A * Men. From then on, the perfumer and his favorite couturier would explore multiple avenues to compose beautiful variations for this decidedly so original A * men. With A * Men Pure Havana the trip is made to Cuba and its curls of smoke, a delight.

A * Men Pure Havana, the honeyed aromas of Cuba in a bottle …

Thierry Mugler perfumes are characterized by originality and flawless innovation both in the creation of the fragrances of the magnificent range of Angel and with regard to his alter ego masculine, A * Men. A daring that pays off with each bottle, especially with regard to the A * Men range, which offers an aesthetic and even artistic variation in each version, applauded both by the profession and by the men who wear them.

A * Men Pure Havane is once again the product of the overflowing imagination of Jacque Huclier, father of A * Men, and Thierry Mugler, very concerned by his perfume line. After offering us a journey through the curls of coffee and the whiskey’s share of angels, the two men chose the land of the cigar to explode the flavors of this Pure Havana with astonishing heat although always contrasted by intense freshness. .

Aware of the potential of the A * Men range, the perfumer Jacques Huclier, particularly recognized for his creative talents in the Thierry Mugler men’s range, was able to combine the potential for A * Men Pure Havane. from the flavors of a unique cigar to those of a fragrance that will never cease to surprise us…

“The know-how of prestigious cigars and the art of tasting them is unique and so close to that of perfume: tradition, elegance and high standards, selection of noble materials, richness of aromas and tasting in “three thirds”. “Thierry Mugler for A * Men Pure Havane.

The olfactory surprise of A * Men Pure Havane

The designer Thierry Mugler is an esthete who loves to combine know-how and techniques to offer his customers exceptional products, he demonstrates it once again with this A * Men Pure Havana which does not hesitate to draw inspiration from the manufacture of cigars to offer us an exceptional fragrance.

However, Pure Havane, although very oriental, has not lost any of the charm of the aromatic freshness of its perfumed father A * Men, released in 1996. Thus Pure Havane successfully mixes in its top notes spicy tobacco leaves with notes mythical aromatics of A * Men built around the scents of bergamot, mint, hedione and lavender.

It is in the heart that the oriental accords of this A * Men Pure Havana will b e felt the most. Bitter cocoa, tobacco and a vanilla note will form a honeyed and powerful cloud which will not seek to dissolve in the sensual base notes of patchouli, amber and labdanum, quite the contrary.


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