A * Men Pure Tonka Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

A * Men Pure Tonka Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

Mugler Perfume for Men A * Men Pure Tonka

In reality, it echoed Thierry Mugler’s passion for Comics, those American comics typical of the 1950s. Both woody and gourmet, this juice did not fail to surprise but was nevertheless immediately adored by the male race. . Thus, it was revisited many times until it was released in an A * Men Pure Tonka version, in 2016.

The seductive scent of A * Men Pure Tonka

A * Men Pure Tonka is an innovative juice that turns out to be particularly attractive. He is halfway between sensitivity and virility. Thus, he is in the image of a contemporary man and is simply irresistible. To do this, Thierry Mugler has incorporated one of the most sensual ingredients in its composition: the tonka bean. Also, it is to perfume Jacques Huclier that we owe this fragrance. A * Men Pure Tonka is a very addicting and bewitching juice belonging to the oriental fragrance family. It enjoys playing on contrasts and displays just as much a scorching heat as a fresher and aromatic lavender-based accord. Indeed, this plant has been emblematic of men’s perfumery from its beginnings. Lavender also evokes the scent of barber soap from yesteryear. This explains the attachment of men to him. Here it is embellished with a bewitching hint of patchouli as well as the exoticism of vanilla. The coffee also gives more character to the whole. Nevertheless, everything turns out to be perfectly balanced and gives us a harmonious and warm rendering. What’s more, note that the tonka bean present in this juice comes from a conservation program in the Caura region in Venezuela.

Thierry Mugler’s bottle

Finally, concerning its bottle, know that the case of the A * Men Pure Tonka perfume was designed by Thierry Mugler himself. Thus, the latter has thought of his container in his image. It has integrated a star, emblematic shape of the brand. In addition, if Thierry Mugler has chosen the star as an attribute of each of his products, it is because this star has always fascinated him. Moreover, as a child, many were those who said of him that he more often had his head in the stars than his feet on the ground. He sees this symbol as the embodiment of infinity and it is for this reason that he has chosen to place it on the front of his bottle. Nevertheless, on the occasion of this revisit, the latter has exchanged its blue hue of yesteryear for a more mysterious and warm copper. The the whole is protected by a shiny zamac shell, with a soft and smooth touch. This bottle is then displayed as an imposing block, like a particularly virile monolith and tinted with a most captivating opaque black.

By offering Angel designed by Olivier Cresp in 1992, the young perfume house Thierry Mugler has made its first revolutionary fragrance a gourmet bestseller that transcends time and borders. These gentlemen also had their dose of gluttony with A * Men, this time composed by Jacques Huclier in 1996. From then on Mugler would only cease to offer magnificent variations of this virile and original perfume, A * Men Pure Tonka and its clears -obscurs will not be left out!

A * Men Pure Tonka or Angel’s gluttony for men pushed to its extreme by Jacques Huclier

A * Men a sought to offer men a fragrance as original and disturbing as Angel was in 1992. Thus Jacques Huclier, who developed the formulation of this masculine “star”, did not hesitate to bring together the modernities of delicacies. vanilla and sensual with much more retro aromatic scents. In the end, A * Men exhales the new man that Thierry Mugler dresses, and his perfumed children such as A * Men Pure Havane, A * Men Pure Coffee, only highlight a little more certain facets of this man of the new millennium in adding to the initial composition rare ingredients or new creative techniques.

Whatever the case and whatever the bottles A * Men never ceases to innovate and the pretty A * Men Pure Tonka proves it once again by offering a tonka bean at the peak of its delicious and fresh strength. Thus the gluttony is seen once again drawn by an A * Men Pure Tonka who in addition to being magnificent has also taken on an ethical dimension because the tonka bean used for this opus comes from an ethical charter for the conservation of natural resources. of the Caura river in Venezuela. A rarity still in perfumery…

A light and dark tonka bean for an irresistible A * Men Pure Tonka!

Jacques Huclier composed A * Men Pure Tonka while preserving the historical backbone and now cult of A * Men while adding brilliant olfactory novelties. A * Men Pure Tonka therefore exudes the best of its perfumed father while always innovating a little more.

Thus A * Men Pure Tonka has retained the shine and freshness of its compound head and heart notes around the scents of bergamot, mint, coriander, hedione and lavender. In the depths of A * Men Pure Tonka, patchouli and liquorice become woody velvet where vanilla, cocoa and coffee play with their sweet treats to soften this ultra manly blend.