Alaïa Nude Azzedine Alaia Eau de Parfum

Alaïa Nude Azzedine Alaia Eau de Parfum

The nude version of Alaïa Eau de Parfum

Through him, the challenge was both to offer an accessible and highly publicized fragrance, while ensuring a certain consistency with the brand universe. The Alaia perfume then appeared as a great classic, both timeless and daring, respecting the fashion of its time while being mainly based on the inspiration of its creator. Alaia is in a way the portrait of a woman seen through the eye of Azzedine Alaia. Today, this woman reveals to us a new facet of her personality. Focus on Alaia Nude.

Azzedine Alaia’s personal universe

Alaia Nude has a vision identical to that of its predecessor. Indeed, he gives us a very personal vision of fashion and femininity according to Azzedine Alaia. Through it, the creator wanted to create a timeless juice. “My perfume is unreasonable, it makes time lie,” he said. “My perfume comes from afar, it is a source perfume. It does not bear witness to any particular era, but the emotions of all eras, it does not come from any country because it has gone through them all, it does not reveal any season, since it inhabits all of them ”. The message is very clear, Azzedine Alaia intends to make Alaia Nude a great classic in perfumery that we will still be talking about in many decades …

The couture spirit of Alaia Nude perfume

< p> In perfect harmony with the idea we have of Azzedine Alaia, the Alaia Nude perfume has a very couture spirit. Particular attention has been paid to every detail of its appearance, as can be seen from its elegant bottle. It is a rectangle summer of heavy and preciously sculpted glass. Her translucent body has now swapped her old black hue for a more feminine and tender powdery pink. Its front face is decorated with an emblematic motif of the brand, which first appeared on a leather corset from the 1980s. Finally, on top of this bottle, a cap pays tribute to the work of Azzedine Alaia as as a couturier. It is a coil of evanescent gold thread that seems to fly up to the sky.

Alaia Nude, a very contrasting scent composition

From then on, an irrepressible desire takes us to remove his cabochon to discover the scent. Azzedine Alaia plays on the contrasts between the woody impertinence of women and their more floral and light femininity. Alaia Nude is dominated by a floral heart from which emerges a bright and Mediterranean orange blossom. The iris reinforces its powdery elegance, while other ingredients accentuate its sweetness. The tenderness of Alaia Nude is particularly evident in an alliance of cashmere, suede and tonka bean. The cedar gives it more character. Finally, all his animality resurfaces from a duo of musk and leather.

Alaia Nude, Azzedine Alaia’s new feminine vision

Azzedine Alaia is above all a great of French couture. Nevertheless, like many brands, he soon wanted to accompany his most beautiful outfits with an exceptional fragrance. He therefore decided to fashion a great classic of perfumery, both in tune with the times while being timeless. It is in a sort of quest for the Grail that the couturier Azzedine Alaia made the Alaia perfume in 2015. A sort of “perfume dress”, this essence has a perfect cut and embodies all the authenticity of Azzedine Alaia’s tailoring. Today, it is a new opus of this juice that the brand offers us. Focus on Alaia Nude, a new vision of femininity.

Alaia Nude, a very personal fragrance

Alaia Nude is an intimate fragrance, similar to a woman’s confidence. It plunges us once again into the very personal world of this great couture brand. Like his elder brother, he is a judge whose ambition is “to make time lie”. It is a compendium of ideal and timelessness. Through him, Azzedine Alaia wished that her fragrance could cross all eras. “My perfume comes from afar,” he said, “it is a source perfume. It does not bear witness to any particular era, but to the emotions of all eras. He does not come from any country because he has crossed them all. It does not reveal any season since it inhabits all of them. ”

Alaia Nude, a foral and woody alliance

In this context, so as to evoke the whole personality of women at the time, Azzedine Alaia decided to play on a floral and woody contrast. So, Alaia Nude follows exactly the same path as its predecessor. Its softness shines through in an animal breath and velvety suede. What’s more, it is further enhanced by the tenderness of cashmere. Its floral side, meanwhile, shines through in a huge bouquet of white flowers dominated by the Mediterranean and solar breath of orange blossom. The iris reinforces all the powdery elegance of this juice. The tonka bean envelops all of its milky scent. Stronger notes of wood contrast with this lightness. Cedar is very present. It is associated with all the animality of musk and leather.

The couture bottle of Azzedine Alaia

From then on, we just have to get closer to the bottle of Alaia Nude. This is a true work of art thought out down to the smallest detail. All glass, the Alaia Nude bottle is very meticulously sculpted. Its former black rectangular glass body has nevertheless given way to a more translucent and slightly pale pink color. This heavy and precious object is adorned with a face perforated with one of the emblematic motifs of the house of Azzedine Alaia. This is a pattern that appeared on an Azzedine Alaia leather corset in the 80s. Likewise, always creating a link with the world of couture, Azzedine Alaia imagined a cabochon similar to a spool of thread. ‘gold. More than ever, Alaia Nude has managed to keep the very feminine and glamorous spirit of the brand to which it belongs.


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