Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

The Alien perfume is adorned with a fusion red.

To face his predecessor Angel, Alien had to flood the world with absolute benevolence and a solar aura to global notoriety. Immediately, this juice appeared as a sort of divinity with a seductive smell and devastating charm. If their charm immediately won over women, men had to wait a long time to discover their male counterparts. Alien Man only saw the light of day in 2018. However, these two essences are united in limited editions called Alien Fusion and Alien Men Fusion. Gallantry obliges, let’s see here what it is about this new female variant.

Alien Fusion, a sensual and glamorous new talisman

Alien Fusion is a feminine scent designed for all those who like to be noticed. From then on, he displayed his ardor and his passionate spirit as soon as he saw his bottle. Alien Fusion continues its quest for light and is inspired by a solar eclipse. This is precisely what initiated its new color. Its bottle now opts for a remarkable red color, evoking both ruby ​​and the sun infusion. Alien Fusion has preserved the shape of its predecessor and looks like a gemstone carved by the hands of an expert jeweler. Its name, meanwhile, appears twice on its walls, immediately becoming a sort of a handwritten enigma to decipher. Golden claws enclose the whole to protect what it contains as if it were a precious elixir. Moreover, this golden detail gives an immediate feeling of luxury. For the occasion, Alien Fusion is presented in a cardboard box dominated by red and white. You will note, however, that these two colors are not alone. The word Alien is proudly displayed on its front face in a purple colorway. Fans of the brand will have recognized the little wink… It is a remarkable echo of the very first version of Alien.

When Alien Fusion is ablaze with flowers and spices

Alien Fusion is a powerful juice intended for strong and determined women, following the image it gives off aesthetically. Powerful and seductive, it does not lack spices and displays an undeniable ardor. Moreover, this is noticeable from its top notes. Alien Fusion is a fiery fragrance that immediately sets off on a spicy and aphrodisiac scent of cinnamon and ginger. Her heart, meanwhile, becomes more carnal and floral. It combines tuberose and orange blossom. The sun gains ground and then illuminates the whole to make the woman who wears this composition shine. Finally, Alien Fusion ends with an exotic base of vanilla combined with white amber. Only a solar and sensual sensation remains. The whole is the

In 2005, the Alien perfume was born, claiming to be the second great feminine juice of Thierry Mugler, 13 years just after the release of the iconic Angel. Alien is a perfume charged with a magnetic aura as if bursting with intense emotions, capable of giving rise to the thrill of a simple breath. Adorned with gold and light, it immediately captivated the hearts of women, thus reinventing itself in many olfactory variations for evermore pleasure. This time, Alien becomes Alien Fusion. How did Thierry Mugler manage to reinterpret once again this cult fragrance? Here are all the details of this original composition.

All the fiery spices from the first breath of Alien Fusion

Alien Fusion has appeared at the same time as its male counterpart. Both have a different recipe. However, their top notes are the same. These two fragrances are firstly based on a fiery duo of ginger and cinnamon. You will understand, this is a new composition for women of character, with a strong temperament and not cold in the eyes! The ginger here deploys a fresh, pink, soapy, and peppery flavor. This fresh ingredient provides the wearer with instant dynamism. However, the top notes of Alien Fusion heat up instantly on contact with cinnamon, another warmer and rounder spice. Both complementary and opposed ingredients unite here in the purest harmony, paving the way for a more floral heart.

Alien Fusion, a luminous femininity

Alien Fusion then lets all her femininity express itself in her heart and, in this sense, recalls the breath of her very first predecessor. Orange blossom and tuberose intermingle, letting a warm, Mediterranean air float in the wake of Alien Fusion. This composition then becomes like a solar and divine goddess, enlightening the world with all her benevolence. Alien Fusion is a carnal fragrance whose aura shines with a fiery new breath, just as elegant as before.

The amber and warm base of Alien Fusion

Finally, Alien Fusion by Thierry Mugler ends with a warmer base. He invites us to come together and plunges us into his intimacy with a sweet breath of vanilla. This exotic plant takes us to a distant place and is therefore addressed to women around the world. Vanilla warms the atmosphere and reveals its carnal and seductive side to us. It is also accompanied by amber, a resin widely used by perfumers, renowned for its fixing power. Thanks to her, Alien Fusion is a perfume with an excellent hold, which you can get drunk for days on end.

As if to materialize all his ardor, Thierry Mugler has this time chosen to deliver us the Alien Fusion perfume in a bottle completely covered with a flamboyant red color.


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