Alien Man Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Alien Man Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

The variation for men of the perfume Alien Mugler

Its floral breath highlighting the flavor of sambac jasmine has become a staple in women’s perfumery. Today, Thierry Mugler has yet decided to restore the balance and create a new male version. Alien Man is just as fascinating as its predecessors but is now aimed at men. So let’s see what is happening with this new divinity …

The return of the iconic Alien bottle by Thierry Mugler

First of all, let’s dwell for a moment on the splendid bottle of Alien Man. This perfume comes in a bottle very inspired by that of its predecessors. It is a kind of emerald or amethyst cut like a diamond. Its purple color recalls its feminine version. However, his style has been transformed somewhat. First, Alien Man takes charge of a new, vibrant, silvery light. Its old-fashioned golden details have disappeared. It nevertheless becomes retains its precious side while more modern. His silhouette, meanwhile, is more manly. She displays an imposing stature and seems firmly anchored in the ground. The whole is quite simply timeless, mystical and fascinating. Finally, as if to make the myth eternal, know that the bottle of Alien Man can be recharged endlessly. To do this, all you need to do is take its refill bottles and refill it again and again.

The new olfactory mystery of Alien Man

Alien Man by Thierry Mugler is a particularly virile fragrance. He plays on contrasts and assembles a vibrant sensuality and a more electric freshness. It first takes off on a dark scent of beech wood which gives off a smoky breath. Dill joins the party and makes the whole more aromatic. Then, Alien Man is revealed to be just as woody in his heart. It is nevertheless a milder ingredient: cashmeran wood. Finally, its base is based on a duo of white amber and osmanthus, letting a tangy sweetness float behind it, close to that of apricot jam, but preserving a slightly animal and leathery facet.

Alien Man, the scent of a vibrant and mysterious masculinity

Through this perfume, Thierry Mugler wanted to transcribe exactly the same message as with his female equivalent. Alien Man “is inspired by [his] fabulous imaginary journeys, bringing together both the origins of the world and the bright future. He invites you to explore the strange and the marvelous, and to uncover the impenetrable ”. Alien Man is a real adventure. It symbolizes masculine light and the hope of a new infinity. He reveals to us the part of mystery that each man preserves in him, an intimate and profound otherness. Alien Man shines a light on a new way of seeing masculinity. He offers us a promise of a dazzling elsewhere, a new dawn of hope.

Alien-Man by Thierry Mugler, a woody and floral juice

This year 2018 was marked by a profound upheaval within the Thierry Mugler collection. The designer has decided to reinterpret one of his greatest feminine perfumes to make it a virile and masculine juice. Today, Alien is reborn from its ashes for our greatest pleasure and is now aimed at men. Preserving its original singularity, it is displayed in a brand new amethyst bottle, similar to a real gem. As if straight out of the darkness and flooding the world with new light, it already promises to bewitch you with its very contrasting scent.

Alien-Man, a chiaroscuro game

Alien-Man by Thierry Mugler is an unexpected fragrance, which takes us to yet unexplored olfactory territory. Its wake is immediately identifiable and its scents are particularly original. Alien-Man seems to be born out of contrast and plays on extremes. It reveals a particularly explosive scent. However, it gives rise to confusion as if to better highlight the sensuality of the men who wear it. Despite everything, it remains very harmonious and displays an incomparable ardor. Its extraordinary magnetism unites the family of leathers with that of flowers. The leather is present here in overdose and comes up against almost feminine scents. In this case, the osmanthus flower is also very powerful. Here she reveals her apricot breath. Thus, the animal sensuality of leather immediately becomes more velvety. The result is an almost carnal melee. Alien-Man’s masculinity also resurfaces from a very woody smoky beech base. An aromatic freshness of anise reinforces the liveliness of the whole. Finally, white amber completes the recipe for this vibrant and racy essence.

Jean-Christophe Hérault, perfumer of Alien-Man

To make this extraordinary perfume, the house Thierry Mugler called on the perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault. It must be said that the creator is very close to the universe of Thierry Mugler himself. A gentle dreamer too, he has a very developed artistic sense. Jean-Christophe Hérault confides in transforming everything around him into an art form. With him, everyday life becomes an imaginary world loaded with sensoriality. Jean-Christophe Hérault explains that he turned to the world of perfumery very early on to “bottle his dreams”. Endowed with an overflowing imagination, he thwarts trends and takes us to olfactory territories that are still eloquent and still little known. Jean-Christophe Hérault gives us here a new olfactory dream. Note also that Alien-Man is not his first collaboration with Thierry Mugler since it is also he who is at the origin of Alien Flora Futura, another olfactory variation of the same collection, addressing himself for the occasion to a female clientele.


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