Alien Mirage Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Alien Mirage Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Alien Mirage: the new very flowery eau de toilette from Thierry Mugler

The young woman plunged us into an advertisement with a very neat and futuristic aesthetic, like a deity placed in the middle of the desert, between the immensity of the sand dunes and the sparkling blue of the sky. Even today, history is reinventing itself and a new chapter in the Thierry Mugler saga is being written right before our eyes. The creator presents us his limited edition of 2020: Alien Mirage, a much more refreshing and aquatic version of his famous perfume.

Alien Mirage, a new scented goddess at Thierry Mugler

It all started in 2005, when Thierry Mugler decided to make a worthy successor to his emblematic Angel perfume. For that, he imagined a little purple alien; a perfume conceived as a solar and benevolent goddess. Alien seemed to possess a singular power: the ability to reveal the radiance of each woman wearing her fragrance. Immediately, Alien flooded the world with his benevolence and vibrant energy. His success was instantaneous. Even today, Alien remains one of Thierry Mugler’s most famous juices. However, in 2020, Thierry Mugler is embarking on a new challenge: to leave his so characteristic burning universe to bring it a new breath of freshness. Alien Mirage is a new perfume of light, “an ode to the creative force of each woman”. Alien Mirage leaves the scorching desert and takes us to a new, much more refreshing register. It plunges us into an aquatic land full of freshness, like a mirage appearing in the dunes just after the storm.

The aquatic freshness of Thierry Mugler in a new crystal talisman

Alien Mirage by Thierry Mugler explores new horizons and dares an essence much more aquatic than before. Its amber facet preserves the sensuality of its recipe, while the flowers are always omnipresent. First, Alien Mirage blossoms into a “mineral revelation”. Its scent is also spicy with pink berries, grown in fair crops. Then, Alien Mirage offers itself a second “mirage revelation”, illuminating itself with tender and generous flowers of syringa and lotus. Finally, his third breath is a “blooming revelation”, containing tones of white amber and Hinoki wood. Here, Thierry Mugler evokes all the softness and feminine purity associated with extraordinary strength. Alien Mirage is an astonishing perfume of contrasts, and endowed with a natural charisma.
On the bottle side, Alien Mirage is reappropriating the design of its predecessors. It comes in a bottle sculpted like a jewel, with irregular but symmetrical facets and playing with light. Its old amethyst color has completely disappeared, in favor of a new gray-blue shade, brighter and purer. Thus, the visual of Alien Mirage also contributes to convey the new message of this essence carrying freshness. The crystalline reflections of its glass are also illuminated with a gold border at its top, as if the sun was inviting itself on its walls.

The second great fragrance from the Thierry Mugler house, Alien was created in 2005, 13 years after the iconic Angel. His ambition? Offers a vision of the solar woman, like a true modern divinity, flooding the world with her benevolence. Rich in intense emotions, Alien was presented to us in a bottle similar to an amethyst. Today, as very often, it reinvents itself and reveals its beauty to us in a new limited edition. In 2020, Thierry Mugler gave birth to Alien Mirage, a very flowery eau de toilette, thought of as “an ode to the creative force of each woman”. Thierry Mugler sets the scene: “In the immensity of the burning desert, a mirage after the storm comes to capture its freshness to give life to an extraordinary flower, carrying a message of hope “… But then,

Alien Mirage, a mineral and spicy start

Much more than a standard fragrance, Alien Mirage by Thierry Mugler delivers a strong message and invites the woman who wears it to refocus on herself, as if to rediscover her primary instincts. Inspired by this, Alien Mirage takes us to the origins of the earth and begins with mineral top notes. As if to capture our senses and capture our attention, the dryness and purity of its mineral notes are swept away by a hint of pink pepper. This spice immediately warms up this fragrance and gives it more character. The woman who wears Alien Mirage Eau de Toilette is not lacking in enthusiasm and loves being noticed!
By the way, note that the pink berries used by Thierry Mugler are carefully selected and come from an eco sector. -responsible, promoting fair remuneration for producers and work carried out under fair social conditions.

Thierry Mugler opts for a heart of tender flowers

In his heart, Alien Mirage becomes little slightly brighter. The sun seems to rise on her, while giving her a cheerful and contemporary scent. It is at this moment that the “mirage revelation” announced by Thierry Mugler intervenes. As if to reveal the femininity of the one who wears this perfume, Alien Mirage combines syringa flower with lotus flower. The result is a tender and generous scent. Here, Alien Mirage seems to carry with it a renewed freshness and slightly crystalline reflections.

The woody base of Alien Mirage

Little by little, the intense luminosity of Alien Mirage is relayed by a much more woody and amber base. Here, Hinoki wood dominates, something rare enough to be highlighted. Rarely used by perfumers, this raw material comes from Japan. Here, it gives off a scent close to that of cedar, with a balsamic and slightly camphoric or aromatic breath.
Very surprising, the perfume Alien Mirage by Thierry Mugler plunges us ” into the immensity of the burning desert, like a mirage after the storm coming to sixteen us with its freshness, to give life to an extraordinary flower, carrying a message of hope ”.

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