Alive Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum

Alive Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum

Alive: the bold niche fragrance from Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has just announced the release of a new feminine juice for February 2020. Its essence for women is called Alive. Incarnated on-screen by four muses, this original juice is presented as a deliciously floral and fruity cocktail, as sparkling as it is invigorating!

Who is the new Hugo Boss woman?

If the previous Hugo Boss woman shone above all in her partner’s eyes or when she was by his side, this time she is a much more free and emancipated creature than before. The one who wears the Alive perfume does not hesitate to be bold and strong. His indomitable character is immediately obvious. The Hugo Boss woman of 2020 is well aware of how lucky she is to be alive and intends to take advantage of it! Alive is the essence of straightforward femininity and is for those who feel more fulfilled and happy than ever. Moreover, Hugo Boss encourages everyone to share their happiness via the hashtag #FeelALIVE. On the screen, there are even four muses who convey the brand new message. Hugo Boss Alive is played by Emma Roberts, Laura Harrier, Bruna Marquezine, and Chloé Bennet. Hugo Boss presents them as “four incredible women who embody a revolutionary fragrance: Boss Alive. Boss Parfums have chosen Emma Roberts, Laura Harrier, Bruna Marquezine, and Chloé Bennet to star in an inspiring new campaign, representing the modern and multifaceted face of the Boss woman: carefree, confident and inspired ”.

Alive by Hugo Boss, a very fruity essence

Alive by Hugo Boss is revealed in a transparent glass case, highlighting all the beauty of a peach-colored juice, like a perfect echo of the warmth of female skin. On its front face, the word Alive is written in white writing. The whole is topped with a golden cap, a pledge of all the refinement of this niche fragrance. On the recipe side, Hugo Boss called on the perfumer Annick Ménardo. It all starts with a fruity explosion based on blackcurrant, plum, and apple. Madagascan vanilla reinforces the sweetness of this start, while cinnamon makes its top notes more spicy and incisive. Then, Alive blossoms into a magnetic and floral heart, illuminated with sambac jasmine and thyme. Little by little, all the charisma of the Hugo Boss woman is released at its base,

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In 2020, the Hugo Boss house presented us with a new female composition called Alive, as an invitation “to live your life to the fullest and to find your own path.” Described as a “powerful, solar and invigorating” fragrance, this juice is inspired by modern women, overflowing with energy and ambition. Presented in a very refined and elegant bottle, Alive by Hugo Boss is an aromatic fragrance that owes its existence to the perfumer Annick Ménardo. So, which ingredient has she always chosen to provide you with more energy every day? What are the fruity or woody elements that make up this essence? Do you dream of learning more about its composition? We tell you everything!

Alive by Hugo Boss, a fruity and spicy start

Alive by Hugo Boss displays a vibrant and honest composition of many different ingredients in its recipe. Moreover, it is felt from its top notes. To make our mouths water, Hugo Boss’s Alive first contains several fruits. The tangy blackcurrant is associated here with more delicious and juicy plum, as well as a green and crunchy apple. All the fruity facets are explored here. Then, as if to give more bite and temperament to this perfume, a hint of cinnamon is added to its top notes. Hugo Boss’s Alive thus becomes a warmer scent. Vanilla, on the other hand, is particularly sweet. From an orchid growing in warm tropical regions, vanilla here deploys the richness of its flavor and is alternately powdery, smoky, spicy, or more animal.

The aromatic and floral heart of Hugo Boss’s Alive

Then, Hugo Boss’s Alive suddenly evolves into a very different heart. Here, one of the most famous flowers of feminine perfumery comes to illuminate the whole. It is jasmine. However, this plant is worked in a rather original way, combining with Mediterranean thyme, for a more aromatic finish. Alive by Hugo Boss reveals the image of femininity radiant with optimism, with a typically Mediterranean aura. In this sense, it is a fragrance “inspired by women who live their lives to the fullest and who give themselves all the means to succeed.”


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