Alive Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette

Alive Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette

Alive Eau de Toilette, a new light and refined fragrance

When it comes to scents, Boss Bottled’s determination is combined with the sensuality of The Scent duo. What’s more, since 2020, Hugo Boss has also chosen to talk to us about joie de vivre and optimism. It is in this joyful and playful universe that the Alive perfume evolves . First conceived in the form of an Eau de Parfum, in 2021 it gave birth to an Eau de Toilette.

Alive Eau de Toilette, the image of femininity full of life

Alive Eau de Toilette by Hugo Boss is a fragrance that speaks to us of joie de live, cheerfulness and gentleness. His message is particularly optimistic. Alive Eau de Toilette inspires women to appreciate the beauty of each new day. With him, everything is a pretext to experience moments of joy, whether they are simple innocuous moments or memorable moments. Alive Eau de Toilette is, in a way, “the essence of happiness, of success”. On screen, he is played by four women as beautiful as they are radiant: Emma Roberts, Bruna Marquezine, Laura Harrier and Chloé Bennet. Thanks to this quartet, women realize the importance of every moment. They are encouraged to love, have fun, dance or shout… It doesn’t matter, the main thing is above all to live!

The elegant Hugo Boss bottle

Alive Eau de Toilette comes in a bottle as beautiful as it is refined. Very refined, it imposes its style by its large stature, its sharp edges and its robust shoulders. Undoubtedly, it is the scent of a woman with a certain charisma. However, it also softens in contact with a cap lacquered in rose gold, and a peach-colored fragrance, as tender as it is feminine. Its name is displayed in white writing, a pledge of purity and delicacy. This bottle is the work of designer Amélie Riech, who is full of praise for her creation: “For me,” she says, “it’s a jewel, a true work of art. A bit like a jewel, something very precious ”.

The floral and woody scent of Alive Eau de Toilette

Alive Eau de Toilette owes its existence to two renowned perfumers: Marie Salamagne and Honorine Blanc. Together, they imagined a floral, airy and woody composition. Concentrated with optimism and joy, Alive Eau de Toilette exudes a light and vibrant breath at the same time, while leaving behind a wake full of positive waves. It first lights up with magnolia, whose floral and lively tones combine with apple, tangerine and lemon. Then, its heart is a bouquet of jasmine, michelia yunnanensis rose, a very refined trio. Finally, for more hold and persistence, Alive Eau de Toilette ends with a woody base of cedar, sandalwood, oak moss and sage.

In 2021, the Hugo Boss house is developing a niche fragrance synonymous with cheerfulness and lightness. With Alive Eau de Toilette, every moment is celebrated spontaneously. Everything is a pretext to laugh and smile. The woman who wears this fragrance only becomes more radiant. On screen, Alive Eau de Toilette is embodied by four ambassadors: Emma Roberts, Bruna Marquezine, Laura Harrier and Chloé Bennet. Beautiful and cheerful, the latter seem quite simply overwhelmed by their niche fragrance. So, what trail do they really leave behind? Decryption of the Alive Eau de Toilette recipe.

Alive Eau de Toilette, fresh and floral top notes

Alive Eau de Toilette put first on a flower from China to seduce us. This fragrance contains magnolia, a plant very often used in feminine perfumes. However, most often, it is used in the heart of fragrances. Here, she gives us her bewitching scent from her first breath. All round, the magnolia deploys a fresh and voluptuous aroma. Pairing beautifully with citrus, it naturally combines a pear accent with other lemony undertones. Solar and vanilla, this raw material is associated here with airy and energizing fruits. A crunchy and juicy apple goes well with a more tangy tangerine. Lemon, for its part, reinforces the natural pep’s of this perfume.

The infinitely floral heart of Alive Eau de Toilette

The magnolia immediately opens the way to a universe very floral. However, this one only grows in the heart of this composition. Alive Eau de Toilette uses a duo among the most widely used in women’s perfumery for this. It contains rose and jasmine. Rich in relief, the rose turns out to be delicate, sweet, sunny or resinous. Jasmine, on the other hand, is more opulent and voluptuous. Then, another more unusual ingredient invites itself into this essence. Alive Eau de Toilette contains michelia yunnanensis. Like the magnolia, it is native to China and almost belongs to the same family as the latter. Its scent therefore preserves a certain consistency in this perfume, associating a floral breath with a lemony sweetness.

Hugo Boss completes its composition with a more woody tone

From then on, all that remains is to get drunk on the base notes of Alive Eau de Toilette. Little by little, this scent warms up and gains in persistence. It ends with a more wooded base. Sage blends with oak moss for a very elegant breath, itself wrapped in a milky sandalwood. In turn, cedar completes this recipe with its captivating and persistent strength. Despite its delicacy, Alive Eau de Toilette does not lack character. It stays on the skin for a long time, reminding us of the importance of living each moment with intensity, each day.


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