Alizarin Penhaligon's Eau de Parfum

Alizarin Penhaligon’s Eau de Parfum

Penhaligon’s sources of inspiration

Moreover, it is still particularly popular with this type of clientele and as such designs highly prestigious perfumes that bear no resemblance to the juices commonly found on our shelves. Penhaligon’s has just enriched its Trade Routes collection with a new juice called Alizarin.

Penhaligon’s sources of inspiration

If Penhaligon’s has chosen to create a collection called Trade Routes, it is above all in tribute to the mythical routes of London trade at the end of the 19th century , a real moment of glory for the brand. Thus, this assortment of fragrances is made up of raw materials from all over the world, each more luxurious than the next. In this sense, they evoke materials filled with the exoticism of yesteryear invading ports at the time of the arrival of boats. These were loaded with goods arriving from the most remote corners of our planet. These gathered daily on the docks of the British capital, representing for many an abundance of rare treasures and scent of distant lands. Alizarin was thus preceded by Empressa juices, Lothair and Levantium from 2014 as well as Halfeti and As Sawira from 2015. Each of these names may not mean much to you. However, they were indeed luxurious materials traded in the London Docks at the end of the 19th century. In this continuity, this is also the case of Alzarine. It is a red dye of plant origin extracted from the root of the dyers’ madder, a perennial plant cultivated in Egypt since ancient times. In addition, alzarin is also a strong symbol for the English because it is a distinctive red color worn for centuries by British soldiers, giving them their nickname of “Redcoats”. This is the material that served as a source of inspiration for the making of the Alizarin perfume.

The leathery scent of Alizarin

Alizarin is a perfume for women with the scent of leather. It is an intense and mysterious juice reminiscent of old and traditional fragrances. To smell its scent is a bit like plunging back into the heart of Ancient Egypt. Thus, Alizarin is a real journey through time and space. It begins with refreshing notes of mandarin associated with the green and floral aspect of narcissus. Then, her heart turns to a concentrate of powdery and luxurious flowers such as tuberose, iris and mimosa. Finally, it is at its core that Alizarin becomes truly vibrant. Its leather note surfaces, accompanied by a fascinating and intense oud wood. Incense also comes to deposit its inimitable dried volutes while its scent ends with the depth of vetiver.

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