Allure Homme White Edition Chanel Eau de Parfum

Allure Homme White Edition Chanel Eau de Parfum

Allure Homme Edition Blanche, a singularity by Chanel

It is therefore quite natural that in 1999, the house of Chanel decided to revolutionize the look of men. With “ Allure Male ”, Jacques Polge, the brand perfumer, pushed back the limits of the imagination and those of a new freshness . The sensuality of man is then fresh and luminous. In this spirit, “Allure Homme Edition Blanche” came, in 2008, to be counted in the family of this modern range.

The Allure Homme and Allure Homme Sport range

Imagined in 2004, the “Allure Homme Sport” range follows on from “Allure Homme”, A composition that is both fresh, spicy and woody. “Allure Homme Sport” is a full-bodied composition which has succeeded in associating sparkling notes of mandarin peel with camphoric and minty scents as well as with musky amber notes. This juice offers a dose of adrenaline to today’s athletes. In 2012, “Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême” uses the same bases, but offers an undeniable additional charm, with chiseled and spicy tones. All the notes of the “Allure Homme” range surf on a particularly intense sensual freshness. In line with these intense sensations of freshness, Chanel captivates us with “Allure Homme Edition Blanche”. Even cooler than its elder,

The hot / cold alchemy of “Allure Homme Edition Blanche”

Allure according to Gabrielle Chanel is natural elegance, a balance between formal elegance and assertive singularity. With “Allure Homme Edition Blanche”, released in 2008, Chanel once again reaffirms its avant-garde spirit. Here, the fresh and invigorating facets dominate, but the surprise is a perfect alchemy between hot and cold. “Allure Homme Edition Blanche” opens with very fresh and sparkling notes thanks to the presence of lemon and Italian bergamot. The heart becomes more spicy and woody, with white pepper, pink pepper, but also with ginger and sandalwood from New Caledonia. The base is sensual and warm with tonka bean, white musks, vetiver from Haiti and vanilla from Madagascar. The bottle could not be more stylish… Adorned with solar bronze, this rectangular bottle contrasts with its polar white cap. When “Allure Homme Edition Blanche” revisits the iconic color of Chanel …

Because daring and avant-garde have been the qualities of the Chanel brand from the start, the latter did not hesitate to launch another challenge . In 2008, Chanel unveiled “Allure Homme Edition Blanche”. Contrasts, spices, citrus notes, a touch of daring, mixed with the emblematic color of the brand, make “Allure Homme Edition Blanche” an essence for ultra modern and sensual men!

“Allure Homme White Edition ”Was released in 2008 and follows on from the great success of“ Allure Homme ”in 1999. Like the feminine allure, the men’s allure is a particular attitude between elegance and singularity. As for white (from the White Edition), it is the emblematic color of the house of Chanel. In addition, white symbolizes purity, love and infinity … Isn’t white the color par excellence of the bride’s dress? Here, Jacques Polge pushes the limits of our imagination. Indeed, “Allure Homme Edition Blanche” reflects an unprecedented hot-cold alchemy.

Jacques Polge reinterprets the success of the Allure Homme fragrance

En 1978, Jacques Polge joined the great Chanel house, succeeding Henri Robert. As soon as he arrived, Jacques Polge imagined “Coco” a true tribute to Gabrielle Chanel, who was thus nicknamed … The success was immediate and Jacques Polge recorded 26 creations within the house of Chanel. Jacques Polge brought a breath of modernity to Chanel perfumes, by developing daring compositions, in particular like that of “Allure Homme Edition Blanche”. Jacques Polge also took risks by reinterpreting mythical compositions & nbsp; like “N ° 19 Poudré”, or “N ° 5 Eau Première”. After the success of “Allure Femme” in 1999, Jacques Polge therefore imagined his alter ego “Allure Homme” then his version “Allure Homme Edition Blanche”. Jacques Polge is also the author of “Diva” by Emmanuel Ungaro or “Chance” by Chanel.

The hot-cold alchemy of Allure Homme Edition Blanche CHANEL

Here, Jacques Polge has proposed an extraordinary composition which is the perfume balancing formal elegance and assertive singularity. “Allure Homme Édition Blanche” takes on the citrus and invigorating freshness of Sicilian lemon and Calabrian bergamot. The heart is more spicy, thus contrasting with the top notes. Indeed, the heart is made up of notes of pink pepper, white pepper and ginger, giving it an ultra masculine character. Finally, the base is both warm and sensual and combines sandalwood, tonka bean, Haitian vetiver, white musks and Madagascan vanilla. Pink pepper, also called “False pepper” grows mainly in South America. The distillation of pink berries makes it possible to obtain an essential oil. Pink pepper gives off peppery tones with hints of anise and fruit. As for Haitian vetiver, it is a quintessential male ingredient. Haiti is the leading producer of vetiver. This one offers woody and vibrant tones. Both earthy and vegetal, the tones of Haitian vetiver are very popular with perfumers.

After the success of“ Allure Homme ”, Chanel presents“ Allure Homme Edition Blanche ”. More seductive than its predecessor, “Allure Homme Edition Blanche” is based on a truly special hot-cold alchemy. The set is of course, directed by the very talented Jacques Polge.

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