Amber Extract Precious Elixir Christian Dior

Amber Extract Precious Elixir Christian Dior

The Ambre Elixir Précieux fragrance by Christian Dior

An essential fragrance in the world of perfumery, “Miss Dior” is still as idealized and popular as ever. In 2014, the Dior brand embarked on a private collection as well as the creation of a precious elixir. The precious essences are François Demachy’s interpretation of “layering”, this ancestral gesture that comes to us from the Middle East, consists of superimposing perfumes ”. “Ambre Élixir Précieux” is part of this collection of 4 fragrances.

The Precious Elixirs of Dior, a collection of luxury items

Inspired by an ancient medieval tradition of layered perfumes, the precious essences are made from a single note, namely oud, rose, amber and musk. Produced by François Demachy, the official perfumer of the Dior house, the precious essences combines perfumery with haute couture. Each ingredient in the precious essences has been carefully chosen by François Demachy, one of the greatest perfumers of his generation. Developed around amber, “Ambre Élixir Précieux” is presented in a sober and elegant bottle enhancing the amber color of the precious nectar.

Dior Ambre Elixir Précieux, the magic of the Orient in the palm of your wrist

“Ambre Élixir Précieux” is an oriental feminine fragrance, which was released in 2014. It should be noted that ambergris comes from the bile secretion of the sperm whale. When the sperm whale has gorged too much on octopus and squid, it rejects the calculation by natural means. Depending on the time that this calculation spends in iodized water, the color and smell of the stone will not be the same. We can indeed distinguish multiple smells such as notes of algae, sea, ocean, fish, tobacco, but also incense, animal or sea urchin. In 1985, the International Whaling Commission officially decided to stop whale and sperm whale hunting. Since then, ambergris has been replaced by synthetic accords, which perfectly reproduce the unique scent of amber. Its animal smell, musky as well as the heavy and powerful notes that ambergris delivers make it a very popular ingredient in oriental fragrances. “Ambre Élixir Précieux” is steeped in the precious history of the origins of amber and reveals all its secrets here.

“Ambre Élixir Précieux” is one of the 4 fragrances of the private collection of precious essences. Developed and chosen by François Demachy, each elixir pays homage to a noble ingredient in perfumery. Here, ambergris takes us back to its very particular history and the notes they give off. A rare and exceptional fragrance, “Ambre Élixir Précieux” is one of the most sophisticated essence.


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