Amor Amor Absolu Cacharel Eau de Parfum

Amor Amor Absolu Cacharel Eau de Parfum

Amor Absolute Amor, if you too believe in eternal love

On the perfume side, Cacharel made a strong entry into perfumery in 1981 with “Anaïs Anaïs”, the legendary fragrance for young girls. After some other great olfactory successes, Cacharel is betting on love! “Amor Amor” was released in 2003, describes a passionate love story. Perfume of lovers par excellence, “Amor Amor” vibrates like a love potion . The continuation of the saga takes place in 2010 with “Amor Amor Absolu”. Richer and more greedy than its elder “Amor Amor Absolu” is intended for all those who still believe in eternal love …

The pure love of Cacharel

With “Amor Amor” , Cacharel had already given his definition of love, passionate red like a rose, radiant… “Amor Amor Absolute” reaffirms love, but eternal love, one that lasts longer than life lasts. A strong feeling then invades the whole body and your heart pounding. Strong, true, but pure, “Amor Amor Absolu” represents love with a capital A. More greedy than its elder, “Amor Amor Absolu” is also more intense. This story is that of pure and unconditional love, absolute! With “Amor Amor Absolu” we want to believe that anything is possible, here and now. If absolute love were a perfume, it would undoubtedly have the form of “Amor Amor Absolu” embodied by a bottle which combines the mystery of black, the intense passion of red and the attraction of a silvery rose.

Amor Amor Absolu, a very gourmet floriental

If smell remains the essential sense of sensuality, we can say that here, Cacharel uses this sense to exalt feminine sensuality. “Amor Amor Absolu” opens with the fresh and juicy notes of grapefruit, pineapple and blackcurrant. It’s an explosive start. Then, the heart is enriched with a bouquet of white flowers, composed of lily of the valley, jasmine and frangipani flowers. This bouquet gives the composition sensuality and exoticism. The trail becomes more delicious and sweeter with the presence of pink praline. Finally, the base is very sensual and enveloping thanks to the vanilla and sandalwood. “Amor Amor Absolu” is an irresistibly sensual and delicious juice. It attracts, it inflames the senses, indefinitely, until eternity …

In Cacharel’s love story, I would like “Amor Amor Absolu”. Gourmet at will and more than sensual, this love juice symbolizes eternal love, that which lasts forever. Its floral notes blend harmoniously with the color of the bottle to represent infinite love. It is certain, if love had a face, it would be that of “Absolute Amor Amor”.

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