Amor Amor Electric Kiss Cacharel Eau de Toilette

Amor Amor Electric Kiss Cacharel Eau de Toilette

The 2019 novelty Amor Amor by Cacharel

Others, on the other hand, are used to seduce. They are more carnal and tempting. Still others are more explosive and fiery, like a budding love story making the heart beat faster. This is the case with Cacharel’s new perfume. Following on from the previous Amor Amor of 2003, and its many existing variations, Amor Amor Electric Kiss is currently making its appearance. As its name suggests, it intends to electrify your daily life and will not go unnoticed!

Amor Amor Electric Kiss celebrates love

Like all the perfumes in the Amor Amor collection, Amor Amor Electric Kiss by Cacharel celebrates love and the power of feelings. Have you ever felt your heart racing after a passionate kiss? This is precisely the sensation that this essence wants to recreate here. Amor Amor Electric Kiss is aimed at all women who are not cold-eyed and who like to live their daily life with ardor and enthusiasm. If you are one of those who cannot stand monotony and routine, this perfume is for you! Amor Amor Electric Kiss makes fun of what will be said and does not hesitate to lead us towards explosive, almost dangerous territory! Exhilarating and electrifying at will, Amor Amor Electric Kiss is ideally designed for women of character!

Passionate red still very present on the Cacharel bottle

To embody the passion, once again, Cacharel has bet on the color red. It must be said that this color is the signature of the entire Amor Amor collection. Amor Amor Electric Kiss preserves the bottle of its predecessors. All round, it has a collar dressed in a silver metal spiral. Its red color degrades this time to a fuchsia pink, for a more electric effect. Likewise, the rose of Cacharel is always present. Now drawn in an explosive yellow, it is more solar and sparkling than ever, on the front of this bottle. The same colors are also present on the cardboard box of this perfume, surmounted by a yellow flash, symbol of all the electricity contained in this packaging.

Amor Amor Electric Kiss, a lively and incisive essence

Finally, let’s finish by discovering the scent of Amor Amor Electric Kiss. This essence does not lack temperament, and its incisive breath surprises our senses from its top notes. The freshness of rhubarb immediately collides with the incandescence of pink pepper. Amor Amor Electric Kiss piques our curiosity and then evolves into a more floral and sensual heart. Sambac jasmine here delivers its opulence while combining with the romantic sweetness of the rose. These two ingredients, widely used in feminine perfumery, evoke carnal sweetness. Little by little, Amor Amor Electric Kiss becomes more warm and comforting. It ends with a darker base of patchouli and amber wood.

With Anaïs Anaïs, the Cacharel house had been able to demonstrate from the end of the 1970s that it understood the desires of young women between flowery romanticism and nascent sensuality.
From bottle to bottle, the young Cacharel women have grown but have also known how to evolve with a certain modernity, what is more with the beautiful creation Amor Amor of 2003. This fiery declaration of love will be relived every summer in different orchestrations, summer 2019 will therefore be placed under the scent of Amor Amor Electric Kiss .

Amor Amor Electric Kiss, Cacharel’s hot and cold love at first sight

Amor Amor was created by Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère in order to offer young women of the new millennium a perfume that would draw them as well as beautiful and intense delicacies with a tangy freshness that would find in the sensual depths of the bottle a contrasting but ultimately very complementary echo. Moreover, Dominique Ropion does not hesitate to say that it was his own 17-year-old daughter at the time who inspired him with this gourmet juice, strong in character! Indeed, he used the accord of grenadine and candy apple that he felt on her while making the rather radical choice to marry it with spicy freshness and solar flowers, Amor Amor was born.

The success of this fresh gourmet is not long in coming and Cacharel will choose to offer a variation of this pretty Amor Amor every summer, sometimes playing with sensuality as for Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss, sometimes playing with fruity notes as for Amor Amor in a Flash or for Amor Amor Mon Parfum du soir.

However in 2019, with Amor Amor Electric Kiss, the two creators of Amor Amor preferred to direct us towards the spicy freshness of original top notes by increasing their power in order to create an even greater contrast with the sensuality of the depths, hence the sensation of a “discharge of electricity”.

More contrasted than ever Amor Amor Electric Kiss electrifies summer 2019

For Amor Amor Electric Kiss, p anointed with tropical notes as was offered last year in the pretty Agua Amor Amor which distilled a coconut rum accord to offer a sensuality as fresh as it is intense.

In 2019, Amor Amor Electric Kiss prefers to approach another side of the original bottle: the spicy and dazzling freshness of citrus fruits which, for this opus, will be transformed into a start that is always so fresh but constructed with notes of rhubarb and pink pepper both icy but also slightly sweet and green. At the heart, sambac jasmine and rose offer a flowery and very feminine splendor bringing a little touch of classicism to this handsome gourmand. Finally, amber woods and patchouli bring to this fresh and spicy juice a wind of opposing forces which very well symbolize the complex personality of today’s young woman.

“Amor Amor Electric Kiss: a Sparkling Eau de Toilette for an electrifying sensation of love. »Cacharel for Amor Amor Electric Kiss. ​​

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