Amor Amor Tentation Cacharel Perfume

Amor Amor Tentation Cacharel Perfume

Amor Amor Tentation, the Cacharel perfume

Amor Amor Temptation and its purple dress will go even further and will be totally irresistible thanks to its delicate but sensual, spicy and charming essences… A true love potion!

Amor Amor Temptation or the promise of a torrid and luminous encounter

Love and tenderness have been the watchwords of the Maison Cacharel since its beginnings in perfumery in 1978 with Anaïs Anaïs. From this very first perfume, the house established itself and quickly offered young women tender and flowery scents that offered them both the romanticism of their young age and the sensuality of their nascent femininity.

Each perfume from the Cacharel house therefore tells us a love story, for Amor Amor (released in 2003) it is a passionate love, a burning red love. And Amor Amor Tentation, one of his brilliant variations (released in 2008) will not say the opposite, on the contrary he is more sensual than ever in his purple dress to definitely seduce the man dreamed of without any possible ambiguity.

For Amor Amor Tentation, the perfumers Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère passed the torch to Honorine Blanc but the perfumer did not seek to modify the love potion of the two men, she especially magnified it to make it even more tempting. Successful bet! Especially since the communication campaign of Amor Amor Tentation, all dressed in purple, is more burning than ever, which will undoubtedly make us guess the strongly aphrodisiac content of this bottle of Amor Amor Tentation.

When temptation turns solar and spicy, the woman Amor Amor meets Amor Amor Tentation

For Amor Amor Tentation, the bottle of Amor Amor has lost its red passion for an even deeper and mysterious smoked amethyst glass, like a magical talisman, which inevitably attracts desire of course!

“Hold the precious talisman in his hands and … with a drop of perfume, release his power of SEDUCTION: an explosion of sensuality, an immediate dizziness, to bewitch him. “Cacharel for Amor Amor Temptation.

Amor Amor Tentation always opens, like its now famous elder, with citrus notes of mandarin, but this time the citrus and tonic notes are mingled with a pretty vegetal scent of ivy. At the heart, white flowers compete with opulence and light, playing on notes of tiare flower and jasmine. Then the cedar wood becomes enveloping and mysterious, especially when it is coated with vanilla. The spicy “passion” will bring to these gourmet woody notes the fire necessary for any temptress. No need to resist it, you fell in its nets …

“AMOR AMOR TENTATION … to be ready, to cast a magnetic gaze, to master the moment. “The FANTASY of desiring … and of BEING THE OBJECT of desire.” Cacharel for Amor Amor Temptation.


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