Angel Eau Sucrée Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Angel Eau Sucrée Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Angel Eau Sucrée the ultimate in scented indulgence signed Thierry Mugler

With Angel Sweet Water in 2014, the Mugler house persists and signs in an absolute Angel where gluttony and childhood are praised. Sublimated by an original partnership with haute pâtisserie, Angel Eau Sucrée creates, no less, than a supreme addiction!

The Angel Sweet Water perfume or the praise of raw gluttony

Angel and his sweet scents of childhood and lost delicacies revolutionized the olfactory heritage of the 90s. By offering a gourmet fragrance for the first time, Thierry Mugler not only created the event but was the spearhead of the entire current range of sweet fragrances. If the beautiful variations of the great perfume have flourished in recent years, the absolute version of gluttony was missing… Thus was born in 2014 Angel Eau Sucrée for all gourmets in love with the sugars of the beautiful Angel.

But daring to think that the daring perfume house would stop at a simple advertising visual would be a mistake. Mugler took the marketing concept even further by highlighting a crazy partnership between Angel Eau Sucrée and the sublime high-end pastry house Fauchon, which created an Angel flash in his picture. Gluttony pushed to its peak!

“Thierry Mugler and Fauchon. Two legendary Houses, two daring signatures, two extraordinary know-how. The same desire: to awaken the senses. “1 Mugler for Angel Sweet Water.

Perfume of pastry or perfume pastry, Angel Eau Sucrée will stop at nothing to make us addicted to its wonderful sugars. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
“A pure sugar treat. A feminine fragrance, Fruity Gourmand, with facets of red fruit sorbet, caramelized meringue, patchouli and vanilla.” Mugler for Angel Sweet Water.

Meringue and red fruit sorbet for an ultra gourmet Angel Eau Sucrée

For the occasion of this ode to pastry making, Angel Eau Sucrée dresses the precious star created for Angel with a halo of pearly reflections as if crystal sugar had landed most naturally on her glass.

Dorothée Piot offers with her famous perfumed gastronomic composition Angel Eau Sucrée a dazzling and fresh start of lemon, tangerine and orange. Then in the heart we discover a precious note of red fruit sorbet accompanied by a sparkling aromatic and nervous note of anise. Of course, the hot caramel is adorned with a delicious meringue to offer us a heart flowing with sugars with a childhood taste. Finally, the intense depths of patchouli bring us back to the sensuality of the adult woman who will still marvel at a few hints of vanilla and hot milk scents.

“Angel Eau Sucrée is a hymn to gluttony. Sensual and mischievous, Eau Sucrée is a real olfactory confectionery, born from a whirlwind of tangy freshness and addictive gluttony. “Mugler for Angel Sugar water.

Angel the revolutionary perfume composed by Olivier Cresp in 1992 turned everything upside down in its path. From the heady and captivating scents of the 80s with great comfort of Opium or Poison to the aquatic-refined scents such as L’Eau d’Issey or CK One , Angel has swept it all away. Leader of all new gourmet fragrances, Angel will give birth to a lovely family of colorful variations. For his twentieth birthday, Thierry Mugler will go even further by enhancing his extreme indulgence with Angel Eau Sucrée.

When pastry meets the art of perfumery for Angel Eau Sucrée

Since its creation in 1992, Thierry Mugler has never ceased to revise his Angel to offer it to us in its most beautiful facets. It is true that the handsome gourmand created by Olivier Cresp has so many beautiful raw materials to exploit that he can afford to take all forms: flowery with the Garden of Stars, masculine with the A * Men, aerial with Angel L. eau de toilette, leathers in the Parfums de Cuir collection or even concentrated in Liqueurs.

For Angel Eau Sucrée, Dorothée Piot will deepen the gourmet facets of Angel in order to make them as appetizing as she is. a pastry shop. Moreover, the perfumer does not hide to draw strong inspiration from gastronomy to compose her most beautiful gourmet creations, she thus regularly meets great chefs to discuss this inexhaustible subject…

“I have I also had the chance to meet great chefs who opened their kitchen to me: daring and generous creators. These exchanges showed me the way to another way of understanding my creations. “Dorothée Piot.

In this regard, Angel Eau Sucrée received an incredible promotion for its release in 2015: an exclusive partnership with the famous large patisserie Fauchon. The Angel lightning offered by Fauchon therefore takes up the three main scented lines of Angel Eau Sucrée in order to make an original but obvious link between perfume and gastronomy.

An approach increasingly followed by perfumers like the creators of Bonbon Couture (Victor & amp; Rolf) who composed their famous caramel note under the aegis of the head chef of the house for the sake of realism.

Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée and his three major pastry pairings

If Angel already offered seductive sweet notes of hot milk, caramel, praline and other marvels, Angel Eau Sucrée will take gluttony to the extreme by making it more tangy but also deeper.

Dorothée Piot thus greatly accentuated the acidity of the top notes of Angel Eau Sucrée by adding to the citrus fruits of her predecessor other even more invigorating citrus notes. At the heart, these pretty acidities will highlight the anise note that punctuates the red fruit sorbet of this Angel Eau Sucrée. These famous notes of strawberries and raspberries also give this juice a more intense depth, for women perhaps more sensual than those intended for the first opus.

After discovering this red fruit pastry, this time we dive into a caramelized meringue which will be tinged with patchouli and the powerful heliotrope so that we will never leave us again.

Composed as a eulogy to gluttony and to the revolution brought by Angel in perfumery, Angel Eau Sucrée goes even further than suggesting sweet notes, so far that we could even taste them with the nose!

Fruity Gourmand

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