Angel Etoile Givrée Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

Angel Etoile Givrée Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

L’Etoile Givrée, the limited edition Angel collector

“I wanted to have a sensual contact with Angel, that you almost want to eat the person you love, he said.” 27 years after its creation, success is still there and Angel is still considered one of the most popular perfumes on the planet. Thus, this time he offers himself a whole new party outfit. Its new collector’s edition is called Angel Etoile Frost and plunges us into the heart of winter.

Angel Etoile Givrée, Thierry Mugler’s new star

Thierry Mugler is an atypical character who has the gift of transporting us into a world in its own right with each of his compositions. Here, it is a very personal part of his personality that is revealed. Indeed, if Thierry Mugler chose to make a star-shaped bottle, it is quite simply because he is a sweet dreamer. Since his earliest childhood, he confides having “his feet on the ground and his head in the stars”. The iconic bottle from the Angel collection therefore echoes his own life and his artistic character floating in the air. However, for the occasion, Thierry Mugler’s star seems to have gotten lost in the depths of winter. Angel Frosted Star is like a frozen shiver. Thus, its walls are now covered with a new immaculate and pearl white. Through it, bluish reflections nevertheless appear. Angel Etoile Frost is not diametrically opposed to his predecessors. He simply gives himself a whole new snowpack and plunges us before time into the magic of winter. Undoubtedly, Thierry Mugler signs here the creation of an ideal bottle for the end of year celebrations!

Angel’s original breath returns to center stage

If Angel Etoile Frost changes bottles, it preserves the original scent of Angel perfume. Thus, it is the same oriental gourmet that appeared in 1992. Angel dares gourmet and sweet notes associated with a patchouli played in overdose. The latter constitutes the major ingredient of this essence. Suave without being too classic, it is disheveled here by an appetizing accord of praline, caramel and chocolate. Combined together, these three ingredients give off a scent close to that of cotton candy or candy apple. Here again, Thierry Mugler plunges us into his childhood memories, in the middle of a fun fair. Angel Frosted Star also refreshes itself with a few fruits such as peach, apricot, tangerine, bergamot or passion fruit. Only vanilla warms the atmosphere again, showing itself to be more sulphurous and seductive than ever.


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