Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Angel Iced Star, a colorful novelty at Mugler

Presented in an innovative star -shaped bottle, Angel by Thierry Mugler never ceases to be talked about. In 2021, it is once again coming to the fore with the release of a new limited edition. Angel Iced Star is a new concentrate of desire and sensuality, more icy than before!

The story of Thierry Mugler’s Angel saga

Angel is a fragrance unlike any other and which is inspired by the very personal universe of designer Thierry Mugler. Considered a sweet dreamer, the couturier has always been fascinated by the stars. He decided to make it the emblem of his brand and more particularly the container of one of his most famous perfumes. Angel by Thierry Mugler took us into a new galaxy, evoking in his breath the tenderness of childhood associated with feminine sensuality. It unfurled in its wake a scent similar to that which was once found in fairgrounds. Like a Proust madeleine, he dared to venture into a gourmet register, a first in women’s perfumery! Since then, Angel by Thierry Mugler continues to renew himself, giving birth each year to several limited editions of its aromas. Angel Iced Star is a new variation, more icy than ever!

Angel Iced Star, a new sensory journey

Angel Iced Star is intended for a daring and charismatic woman. Much more than a simple fragrance, it is a real olfactory shock. With him, the heat rises irrepressibly. Yet Thierry Mugler’s Angel Iced Star makes the body shiver. It is similar to “the emotion of a new desire”. Angel Iced Star takes us with him to an imaginary world. Particularly dreamlike, this perfume is a journey between dream and reality. It navigates between exotic heat and extreme freshness.

Angel Iced Star, an oriental and contrasting fragrance in a colored star

Like all the perfumes of the Angel saga, Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler comes in a star-shaped glass bottle . However, this flamboyant star abandons its initial full blue for a more pop color. With Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler, several colors intermingle. Soft blue and pale green evoke ice caps. The pink, meanwhile, warms the whole with an interior fire. However, it is precisely this duality that we find in its composition. Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler makes a hot-cold breath float in the daily life of women. In its top notes, it contains coconut water and pineapple. Thus, it begins with a very exotic duet. The praline, an emblematic ingredient of Thierry Mugler, appears in his heart. Finally, the

In 1992, Thierry Mugler created a feminine perfume that would become a legend: Angel. Since its release, this feminine fragrance has continued to renew itself, giving birth to countless variations in its scent. In 2021, history repeats itself again and Angel is once again being talked about. Oriental and gourmet, this juice offers a whole new reinterpretation, between polar freshness and intoxicating heat. So what are the ingredients in his recipe? Decryption of its scent and its composition.

Angel, the first gourmet fragrance in all of history

To better understand the composition of this fragrance, it is still necessary to dive back into its history. When it came out in 1992, Thierry Mugler’s Angel sounded like a small revolution. Indeed, until then, no perfumer had dared to explore the register of gourmet essences. However, Thierry Mugler was convinced that gourmet perfumes had something regressive in them, likely to please the greatest number. When he proposed a feminine fragrance with a rocky smell of what we eat, he encountered many refusals from perfumers. Olivier Cresp, on the other hand, believed in his project. Together, they imagined a scent of tender regression, evoking the scent of fairgrounds. This is how Angel was created. Since its release, it has never ceased to seduce women and its breath of praline can boast of having paved the way for many other creations. Indeed, today, gourmet perfumes are among the most popular.

The new hot-cold contrast of Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler

Unlike the first Angel , Angel Iced Star relies on a deep duality between warmth and freshness. It is a real journey of the senses which is based on two main facets. The first relies on exoticism. Juicy and heavenly, it contains raw materials from the other side of the world. The freshness of coconut water combines with a more tangy pineapple. This makes the fragrance sparkle and opens the way to the sweet register. To that is opposed another facet much more voluptuous and warm. The praline, inseparable from the Angel collection, is still present. Gourmet, here she dares an assertive sensuality, combining in particular with the woody depth of patchouli. Note, in passing, that this raw material is specially cultivated for Thierry Mugler and that it comes from sustainable development sectors.
Unlike most perfumes, Angel Iced Star cannot be discovered by starting from the top notes and gradually moving towards the base notes. Here, it is about two dominant facets, which everything opposes. However, the latter are in perfect fusion. With Angel Iced Star, Thierry Mugler gives us a dreamlike vision of a glacial landscape. Here, the snow is illuminated by a dazzling sun. The result is a real light show, a powerful warm freshness, like “the emotion of a new desire”.

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