Angel Thierry Mugler Eau de Parfum

Angel Thierry Mugler Eau de Parfum

Angel: Futuristic haute couture for the very first gourmet fragrance

Mythical because today, even after its twentieth anniversary, it is still one of the best-selling perfumes. Mythical because its fragrance is the first to venture on gourmet notes of cotton candy, caramel and even chocolate. & Nbsp; Mythical because its star-shaped bottle has become the symbol of the brand, the spokesperson for Mugler fragrances. “& Nbsp; Angel & nbsp;” is a myth that is still very much alive, built around a crazy and personal project of Mugler himself and launched by a communication which knew how to create, in 1992 in the infancy of the net let us remember it, a true social network around the perfume. / p>

The creation of Angel by Thierry Mugler, Vera Strubi and Olivier Cresp

In 1992, Thierry Mugler was a star of haute-couture and his parades with staging as crazy as they were avant- garde attracted all the celebrities in the branches … of his star. Yet there is still a rope missing from Thierry Mugler’s shooting star: his perfume house. For his first perfume, Mugler joins forces with Clarins while already having a very precise idea of ​​what he wants: “He [Thierry Mugler] spoke to me about blue, a smell of chocolate and caramel, a classic juice that a little boy could offer his mother. “1 recalls Vera Strubi in charge of the creation of the project.

Vera Strubi had to create the whole project around this idea totally outside the known paths of the time which oriented perfumes towards transparent and very refined fragrances. From bottle to juice everything was going to be totally different, because a Mugler perfume had to be different. However, it was necessary to convince the noses because many refused to create a perfume with notes of “fairgrounds” which they considered heavy and sickening. It was therefore Olivier Cresp who agreed to create the pretty gourmet oriental and Vera Strubi who developed the bottle, so pretty star.

Thierry Mugler wanted an audience of stars and a grandiose and totally futuristic event, like his fashion shows. The expenses made in the packaging did not allow such an event and the much more innovative and effective idea, at the time, was to make an Angel tour which would stop in the big French cities to make d iscover the perfume while creating with customers, a “Circle” of exchanges and sharing around perfume. A social network well before the hour which propelled “Angel” towards a dazzling success, in spite of the few perfumeries which accepted it at the beginning (200 stores in France only and none in Paris). For Vera Strubi, who returned to the success story “Angel” during a conference at the Société Française des Parfumeurs, it is “this contractual dimension, relational and emotional with the consumer who distinguished Angel from her competitors and ensured her lasting success. “.

Angel: this gourmet and sweet fragrance that revolutionized fine perfumery

“ Angel ”is not only a wonderful idea and a concept on glossy paper, it is representative of a change of course, of a desire for modernity which has completely shaken up all the previously relatively traditional codes of perfumery, to the image of Mugler who also shook the spheres of haute-couture.

Moreover, the “Angel” project was born in the hands of Thierry Mugler, he was not just a simple sponsor. Thus the bottle was inspired by a star-shaped ring that Vera Strubi saw on her finger during her first interviews with the couturi er. She later learned that the star was Mugler’s favorite form that he wore on his clothes but also tattooed on his skin. It was Mugler who designed the bottle and despite the exorbitant costs announced for its manufacture, he succeeded in obtaining his star for “Angel”.

< p> As for the fragrance created by Olivier Cresp, it is airy at least just as heavenly as its name. The fragrances in top notes of bergamot and mandarin propel us towards light and transparent skies. Then the very fruity heart notes of peach, apricot and passion fruit bring us back to the orchards to better transport us in passionate scents to beautiful exotic and sweet journeys. As for the base notes, they create the event by propelling raw materials hitherto unused in perfumery such as caramel, cocoa or honey to expertly mix them with powerful notes of patchouli, vanilla and heliotrope. Gourmet and fruity,

“Angel” by its concept, its bottle as its juice offers a totally offbeat fragrance and a total break with the usual codes of classic perfumery. Mugler has created, through his personal involvement, a perfume and an image in perfumery that resembles in every way who he is and what his haute-couture label wants to propagate. This pretty celestial UFO, soon became the leader of the new family of perfumes of which he is the absolute master: the gourmet fruity ones.

“Angel” is one of the perfumes that we no longer present … The first juice in the history of the gourmet family, “Angel” entered history in 1992. The star full of daring, but also of gluttony is the work of Thierry Mugler who can congratulate himself on having marked the history of perfumery. You should also know that it is also thanks to Olivier Polge that this perfume was born. Indeed, many perfumers have refused the idea of ​​Thierry Mugler. Only Olivier Polge held the bet… A winning bet!

The audacity of Olivier Ploge

Ultra creative and loving the challenges, Olivier Polge accepted Thierry Mugler’s project, that of innovating by creating a gourmet fragrance. Visionary, pioneer, Thierry Mugler wanted to create “ A fragrance that could have a common resonance to everyone, something close to tenderness and childhood “. It took over 600 tries to make this fragrance, but “Angel” is one of the best-selling fragrances today. Olivier Polge is the son of the talented Jacques Polge who was the nose of Chanel. It is also Olivier Polge who succeeded his father in 2012 and who is now the official nose of the house of Chanel. A real challenge for this peerless designer. Obviously, talent passes through the genes, from father to son. We owe to Olivier Polge wonderful fragrances such as “Armani code Femme” by Armani, “Dior Homme” by Dior, or even “La Vie est Belle” by Lancôme.

Gourmandise à l ‘pure state

Between caramel, chocolate, passion fruit or even praline, we say that “Angel” has been a real revolution in the world of perfumery, since no other perfume had dared to incorporate such ingredients. “Angel” begins with the fresh and tangy notes of mandarin and bergamot which gives an ultra invigorating flight. The heart is both greedy and addictive, between sugar and repression. It combines an accord of praline, chocolate and caramel, combined with passion fruit, peach and apricot … Deliciously irresistible! The base will leave a sensual trail thanks to the presence of vanilla and patchouli. In order to dazzle us a little more, Thierry Mugler bet on a star-shaped bottle with a dazzling play of light.

“Angel” is the forerunner of the gourmet family and no one before Thierry Mugler and Olivier Polge had yet dared to use sweet ingredients in perfumes. Gourmet at will, “Angel” is still one of the best-selling perfumes in the world.

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