Armani Code Sport Armani Eau de Toilette

Armani Code Sport Armani Eau de Toilette

Armani Code Sport, the 2016 edition of a cult fragrance

This one is racier and lightning, releasing an intoxicating freshness in its passage. Armani Code Sport concentrates on masculinity, a seductive and contrasting fragrance releasing an intense and sensual heat associated with a striking and biting freshness. Also, by mid-July 2016, a new edition of Armani Code Sport will enter the scene. This unique perfume impeccably maintains its spell and does not seem to have the only ambition to electrify your daily life.

The intense smell of the new Code Sport Edition 2016

Armani Code Sport Edition 2016 is an intriguing, mysterious and desirable juice. He is like a man with a hypnotic charisma, a captivating presence, and a devastating gaze. Its dynamism is unparalleled and appears from its top notes. These combine three varieties of mint. Armani Code Sport 2016 juxtaposes wild mint, peppermint, and spearmint. Thus, it offers us an actual digest of biting freshness with multiple facets. Likewise, mandarin completes this flight with its sparkling and tangy appearance. The Sicilian lemon, on the other hand, completes this set with a Mediterranean impetus. Then, a more spicy heart appears. Armani Code Sport displays its elegance through geranium, a delicate flower with a remarkably assertive temperament that does not shy away from its peppery side.

What’s more, this effect is further enhanced by ginger, an aphrodisiac ingredient that additionally helps to increase the addiction to this fragrance. Of course, ambroxan, a typical raw material of carnal desire, the signature of the entire Armani Code collection, is still present. It is, as usual, presented in an exceptionally high concentration. Vetiver then sublimates it with its sustained masculinity. Rosemary, in turn, brings a more aromatic breath to this juice while the whole thing ends with the herbaceous and floral presence of labdanum. Armani Code Sport Edition 2016 is extraordinary nectar but in perfect harmony. It is ideal in all circumstances, day and night,

Revisiting the legendary Armani bottle

Of course, on the design side, the new Armani Code Sport Edition 2016 is identifiable. It takes over the line of its predecessors, Armani Code and Code Sport. Its black soft-touch polyurethane film has given way to a transparent glass surface tinted with a gradient evolving from gray to black. Its collar, meanwhile, displays an exquisite striated texture. An imposing stopper designed in a glossy black lacquer elegantly tops the whole thing. The whole is particularly refined and masculine. Only the name of this new perfume stands out with all of its red colors, the color of passion, of love, and a sporting finish line.

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