Armani In Love With You Freeze Eau de Parfum

Armani In Love With You Freeze Eau de Parfum

In Love With You Freeze: The new eau de parfum by Giorgio Armani

However, this is precisely how Armani imagined its essences In Love With You and Stronger with You in 2019. Today, history is repeating itself and the atmosphere is cooling off. So how about reading a new chapter in this crazy love story? Focus on Armani’s new feminine: In Love With You Freeze.

In Love With You Freeze, a new, more refreshing and fruity composition

In Love With You Freeze comes in a bottle substantially identical to that of its predecessor . Simplicity of lines, sleek design: Giorgio Armani’s style is immediately identifiable. This sober bottle is topped with a round metallic cap, while its glass base lets a peach-colored juice reflect. On the other hand, for the new In Love With You Freeze, its walls have been frosted, giving it an immediate impression of freshness.
Inside this bottle hides a luminous, fruity essence that is very refreshing. It all starts with an alliance of cherry, bergamot, pear and tangerine. The airy liveliness of In Love With You Freeze is striking! Then, the flowers take over, in a spring heart of lily of the valley, peony and jasmine. Very bright, In Love With You Freeze gradually becomes warmer. It is finally enveloped in woody notes of patchouli and vetiver, while white musk further amplifies its sensuality.

Alice Pagani, new face of Armani’s In Love With You Freeze fragrance

It has barely been released that In Love With You Freeze is already talking about him! It must be said that it offers itself a new muse, which marks a real turning point in the history of the brand. This time, it is on the actress Alice Pagani that Armani has set his sights. Known for her role in the Netflix series “Baby”, where she plays the character of Ludovica Storti, the attractive brunette is accompanied by Nicholas Hoult. As a reminder, this is a British actor who has already distinguished himself in several films of the “X-Men” saga, but also in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Tolkien”. The two lovebirds indulge in a passionate love in a new very “caliente” advertisement. Directed by Fabien Constant and photographed by Damon Baker, this new campaign gives us the image of a fiery and sometimes unreasonable couple. Nothing seems to be able to restrain their feelings for each other. In Love With You Freeze is accompanied by its counterpart Stronger with You Freeze. Both form an inseparable duo. Those who wear these scents are unquestionably stronger when there are two of them. Immediately, In Love With You Freeze appears like a magic elixir, multiplying tenfold the power of the human body when love is at the rendezvous!


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