Azzaro Eau de Toilette for Men Azzaro

Azzaro Eau de Toilette for Men Azzaro

“Azzaro for men” or the exacerbated virility of the Latin lover

Of course, beautiful and charming Latin lovers will be ambassadors of “Azzaro for men” such as Enrique Iglesias. They will embody the masculine ideal and the modern image of a perfume that has become a great classic.

“Azzaro for men” or the exacerbated virility of the Latin lover

If the house Azzaro had already created a feminine fragrance in limited series in the 75s, Lois Azzaro was not attracted by this exercise for a male audience. He later declared that “If I had been listened to, we would never have released a perfume for men.” Yet despite his lack of passion for the project, the couturier already clearly knew what he wanted: a real masculine fragrance with the sensual image of the Azzaro house and the Italian he is. According to Lois Azzaro, “Azzaro pour homme” was to be “The perfume for men who love women who love men”.

To do this, he called on two great creators in perfumery Gérard Anthony de Firmenich and Martin Heiddenreich to create a charismatic scent composition and created around “Azzaro for men” a communication with the supercharged image of testosterones! The Male or the Man Azzaro is brilliant, handsome, seductive and attracts all the most beautiful women like a magnet.

During the various advertising or visual campaigns, the ambassadors of the perfume will have to release the torrid and sexy scents of the Italian macho while remaining modern. Because let’s not forget that “One in three men wears, has worn or will wear Azzaro Pour Homme” according to its creator. In order to preserve the shocking and assertive image of its beginnings without dropping the fragrance into the rank of vintage perfumes, the Azzaro house will only cease to offer images of sensual charmers always in tune with the times. Enrique Iglesias in 2009 or Ian Somerhalder in 2014.

The birth of a mythical and sensual perfume: “Azzaro for men”

“Azzaro pour homme” is a legendary perfume, a great classic among classics which immediately seduces both for its spicy and warm scents and for its image of a torrid seducer. Of course, in order to include this beautiful ultra virile juice in the male heritage, the bottle was designed to be both aesthetic and practical while recalling a masculine element par excellence: the glass of Bourbon. Thus the faceted bottle and worked by games of sober transparencies but revealing with the delicacy of its smoked glass the beautiful amber color of the juice, recalls the luxury of the brand as well as the power of the fragrance.

The originality of “Azzaro pour homme” is obviously also in its composition between the aromatic freshness, the fragrant spices and the woody power almost chypre. In the top notes, we actually find original and relatively rare notes for the time of basil, star anise and fennel, tangy with lemon and innovative lavender reworked in an unprecedented way for the occasion. Then launched by invigorating heads, the heart notes bloom in the powers of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver embellished with the delicacies of cardamom. Finally, the racy trail of this beautiful “woody aromatic fern” distinguished by the use of a wide range of natural raw materials, will mark its memory in a mixture of amber and very manly leather enhanced with slightly flowery white musks,

“Azzaro for men” thanks to its fragrance so particular and so assertive for the time has remained among the bestsellers of modern perfumery. The meticulous work of the scented composition where many raw materials are used (in total 320, half of which are natural), brings a breath of freshness and modernity to a male generation in search of seduction and very manly values.

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The adventure in perfumery of the fashion house of Loris Azzaro began in 1975 with a very first feminine perfume with confidential release. Very quickly, success is there and Loris Azzaro is considering his first male perfume this time. In 1978 Azzaro pour Homme was offered to a public which quickly became very important as the warm scents of this fragrance with absolute modernity are innovative and original. Today Azzaro pour Homme is one of the best-selling perfumes in the world and the great bestseller of Azzaro.

Azzaro pour Homme, the myth of a perfume with a very Italian sensuality

“Every man has worn, is wearing or will wear Azzaro one day” says the great Italian designer of his bestseller Azzaro pour Homme. And yet!

The ladies’ man, the seductive man and a bit macho, Loris Azzaro was really not drawn to creating a masculine scent. In the 1970s, the already world-renowned Italian enjoyed dressing and perfuming women much more than taking care of these gentlemen. So, as if to better convince him, the house chose to create a perfume for men who love women who love men, ”in short, a perfume that women of good taste would buy from their husbands. It would therefore be necessary to offer the master couturier as well as his audience, a scent burning with sensuality which exudes the values ​​and charms of the Azzaro house.

It was the Firmenich company that took care of the project of the one who would become Azzaro pour Homme. She made the choice to have the perfumers Gérard Anthony and Martin Heiddenreich work on this formula. The two designers offered Loris Azzaro a fragrance that marked a real turning point both in the history of the Azzaro brand and in the history of perfumery. The powerful and warm scents of Azzaro were in total contradiction to the classic aromatic and fresh scents of then, although they too were represented wonderfully in the bottle. This mixture of torrid heat and aromatic freshness made the planetary success of this composition. its creators – it will even prance at the head of sales in France and internationally for more than twenty-five years. »Le Figaro about Azzaro pour Homme.

Azzaro pour Homme or the soothing fougère fragrance…

Make no mistake, Azzaro pour Homme is a great classic of male perfumery despite the surprise it caused when it was released in 1978. As we have seen, the creators of Azzaro pour Homme had the excellent idea of ​​offering strong contrasts between woody and animal warmth and aromatic freshness. What created the event when it was released, because no man had ever been able to wear a perfume with such a strong presence as that of this magnificent bottle.

Thus Azzaro pour Homme offers beautiful aromatic notes in both top and middle notes. However, the traditional notes of lavender and lemon notes are accompanied by more original aromatics such as caraway or basil. Oakmoss, vetiver and an animal note will form the powerful and impenetrable wake of the Azzaro pour Homme man.

“Over the years, Azzaro pour Homme has become a benchmark for men’s perfumes from the fern family; with the citrus top notes and its aromatic facet, it corresponds to the classic pattern of men of the older generation, which reassures and appeals to a large clientele [… ]. ”

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