Azzaro Eau de Toilette for Men Black Edition Azzaro

Azzaro Eau de Toilette for Men Black Edition Azzaro

The Edition Noire Azzaro fragrance for men

It is stitched with sensuality and mystery and thus reflects the perfect expression of Loris Azzaro himself. This perfume has the particularity of being immediately recognizable. It is a 100% male juice , without half measures and endowed with an intense charm. However, it does hide an unsuspected and particularly seductive finesse. All these elements then allowed him to cross the decades without ever taking a wrinkle. However, today he gives us a new facet of his personality. So let’s see what it is about the darkest part of men in the new Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire.

The new sensual essence of Azzaro for Men Edition Noire

Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire is the very embodiment of seduction. It is a magnetic, elegant and very refined fragrance. Don’t be fooled by his apparent charisma, Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire still hides a certain sensitivity. Its breath plays on a contrast of freshness and power. Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire is presented to us as a sort of citrus and woody fern, a very classic accord of men’s perfumery, this time revisited with extreme modernity. Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire begins with a fresh, zesty and tangy scent of bitter orange. Then, he takes us to the native land of Loris Azzaro and gives us one of the most emblematic wild plants of the Mediterranean basin: mugwort. Its herbaceous scent enriches the heart of this essence. Finally, Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire ends with a more incandescent trail of cumin and ends with a somewhat aniseed breath.

The return of the famous bottle of Azzaro pour Homme

In addition to its scent, Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire is also identifiable at first glance thanks to its bottle. Its bottle takes the silhouette of its predecessor. It forms a sort of block of glass with sharp and clear edges rising towards the sky. Its base seems perfectly anchored in the ground and its imposing stature gives us the image of a stable and perfectly reliable man. What is more, this container is perfectly suited to the male grip. The only difference is that Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire is now completely tinted in black and has made its old amber color disappear.

Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire, far from being a first revisit

Finally, note that Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire is far from being a first revisit. Azzaro pour Homme was created in 1978 and has gradually been enriched with a multitude of different variations. Thus, it has become in turn Azzaro pour Homme Elixir, a more oriental fern containing tonka bean, vanilla, benzoin and coumarin. Barely later, he refreshed himself in the form of Azzaro for Homme L’Eau. Azzaro pour Homme Night Time made its appearance in 2012, available in three successive stages: a luminous freshness followed by a traditional fern accord and resting on more incandescent spicy notes. Finally, the latest is none other than Azzaro pour Homme Intense from 2015, a fragrance both soft and amber, based on Armagnac. So which one will be your favorite?

Woody Citrus

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