Bella Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

Bella Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

The third perfume les Belles by Nina Ricci

A simple breath transports us to a dreamlike place and the mere sight of their bottle is enough to take us to an imaginary and delicious universe. Today, Nina Ricci has decided to complete its Belles de Nina range with a brand new heroine. Joining Nina and Luna, Bella makes her appearance in 2018 and is already touted as the sexiest essence of this trio.

The collection of Belles de Nina fragrances

The Belles de Nina collection was born in 2006. At that time, nobody thought that it would become an assortment of perfumes. She was made up exclusively of a single heroine named Nina. Intended for young women, this juice was the embodiment of innocence, tenderness and recklessness . Fresh and greedy, he took us into a dreamlike world and gave off a part of sweetness in each of his breaths. It was then necessary to wait 10 years for one of his successors to appear. It was done thanks to Luna, a juice designed in 2016 and materializing the evolution of the woman Nina Ricci. While preserving the absolute share of femininity of her elder, Luna was more rebellious and indomitable. She was then the symbol of a woman in full emancipation. Today, Nina Ricci pushes this creative axis even further. Bella reaches the peak of daring and this feminine essence is by far the sexiest of them all. Bella is a rebel who is not afraid of anything!

Bella, Nina Ricci’s sexy new apple

Bella by Nina Ricci gives us her vision of the modern princess through a romantic, floral, fruity and tangy trail. Bella’s freshness first vibrates in contact with green tangerine and rhubarb. Then, this composition takes on femininity and romanticism in contact with a bouquet of rose and freesia. Bella finally rests on an exotic and carnal base of vanilla. Finally, this fragrance ends with the more airy limpidity of white musk. On the aesthetic side, Bella is available in three different sizes of 30, 50 and 80 ml. His belonging to the great Belles de Nina family is immediately obvious. Indeed, just like its predecessors, the Bella perfume is presented in a glass apple. Its base is tinted with the color green while being topped with a few leaves of gold which constitute the stem of this fruit. The whole is absolutely magical and a small ladybug is placed on one of its foliage. With such a visual, Bella seems more than ever to come straight out of a fairy tale!

Bella by Nina Ricci, a very fruity composition

Nina by Nina Ricci is a perfume with exquisite curves and gourmet accents. Since 2006, it has made women happy and reveals to us a fantastic vision of femininity. As straight out of a fairy tale, this perfume is sparkling, luminous and sensual. In 2016, he was followed by a little sister named Luna. Even today, history repeats itself and Nina Ricci reveals a new composition from the same range. This one is called Bella and presents herself as the third creature of the Belles de Nina. Presented in a green apple color, Bella is by far the most sassy of them all. So what about his recipe?

Bella, a sparkling carefree fragrance

Bella by Nina Ricci is a floral and fruity juice, particularly tangy. With him, gluttony takes pride of place. Thus, Nina Ricci fully surfs the trends of the moment, reappropriating the register of sweet fragrances. This time the focus is on rhubarb. This plant appears to be the star of this essence. Bella then becomes charged with a certain nostalgia, evoking the smell of a pie or a jam of our grandmothers. Rhubarb reveals here a green, fruity, floral and slightly acid scent. It also gains in bitterness and freshness on contact with lemon and tangerine. Then, all of Bella’s femininity grows in her heart. This contains plants that are particularly widespread in women’s perfumery. Rose jelly amplifies its romanticism while pairing with a more delicate freesia. The white musks in turn give off a feeling of purity and softness. Finally, for more indulgence, Bella wraps herself in a sweet and carnal vanilla. From then on, it is simply impossible to resist its natural charm!

Bella, the fruit of a duo of perfumers

To make the Bella perfume, the Nina Ricci house does not did not call on one but two perfumers. This composition is the work of Louise Turner and Sonia Constant. Louis Turner is not his first collaboration with the brand, since we also owe him the recipe for L’air 2011 for Nina Ricci. She, who discovered the world of perfumery by chance, has today become a key figure in the sector. With an innate sense of creativity, Louise Turner brings here a fresh look at the Belles de Nina collection. Sonia Constant, on the other hand, is a very curious person who is used to working for very diverse markets, be it Europe, Brazil, the United States or the Middle East. By making Bella, she gives this juice a more universal scope, something to delight the four corners of the globe! The result is a new princess with many faces, a true heroine of modern times!


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