Black Orchid Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Black Orchid Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Black Orchid, the first perfume signed by Tom Ford

Passionate about perfume, Tom Ford joined forces with the great Givaudan to be able to offer from 2006 the fabulous and now great classic Black Orchid. Mysteries, seductions, luxury and voluptuousness, Black Orchid is the very essence of Tom Ford style …

Black Orchid or the sensual perfume par excellence …

Tom Ford is a stylist who does not seek consensus. From his beginnings in 1990 at Gucci, the famous Milanese fashion house, to his remarkable stint among the Yves Saint-Laurent collections, Tom Ford has established his sensual, daring and slightly provocative label. By creating his own house after his difficult departure from Gucci, Tom Ford has once again established the codes of his couture which is both elegant and very porn-chic, a style now widely represented in fashion.

In love with perfumery from a young age, it was logical for Tom Ford to add to his first men’s haute couture creations the creation of a perfume house in close connection with the house Givaudan. From this partnership was born in 2006 the legendary Black Orchid like a new flower which would only be discovered by those able to see its beauty. “Nothing is more desirable than what is unattainable” said Tom Ford.

Because yes Black Orchid, make no mistake about it, is a perfume for initiates, a rare perfume which is intended to perfectly represent the refined delicacies of Tom Ford’s couture. Moreover, the visuals created for Black Orchid are also adorned with this astonishing contrast between heightened sensuality and sober elegance. So we discovered over the years magnificent languid muses (Julia Restoin Roitfeld at the beginning and more recently Cara Delevingne) and little covered selling us the pleasures of this Black Orchid so particular, so vintage and at the same time so modern.

Black orchid, truffle and delicacies for Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

In order to highlight the astonishing contrasts of this beautiful Black Orchid, the bottle plays with the art deco style to offer us a juice of absolute modernity . Indeed, the thick black glass of Black Orchid reminds us with a certain daring of the bakelite bottles of the 1950s, as does the vaporous muslin atmosphere of the very first visual.

The beautiful oriental Black Orchid composed by David Appel and Pierre Négrin will first be discovered in a very fresh and fruity citrus light with lemon, mandarin and blackcurrant notes. At the heart, the solar and opulent ylang-ylang comes to meet the delicate jasmines and gardenias. Finally, a furiously spicy wind appears under the features of pepper, cinnamon and ginger to mingle even better with intense woody notes of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. The smoke of incense is counteracted by gourmet notes of vanilla and a salty effect, the famous black truffle effect.

“The languid heroine, the Art Deco-influenced vial and the dark accord – black orchid, truffle and cocoa – plant the Tom Ford Beauty mechanism: vintage, sensuality, luxury. 1 Madame for Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

In 2006 Black Orchid, Tom Ford’s very first perfume, won over a large audience thanks to its bewitching very “black” scents, switching between a precious truffle, beautiful flowers and powerful sensuality. Ten years later, Tom Ford and the two original perfumers of Black Orchid this time proposed a more luminous and sparkling version of the black flower under the name of Black Orchid Eau de Toilette.

The quest for an absolute scent: Black Orchid Eau de Toilette

Black Orchid is no ordinary fragrance and that was precisely its purpose. Tom Ford, the designer with a luxurious and contemporary style, wanted to create a perfumery that would exude his keen sense of elegance and rarity. By asking David Apel and Pierre Négrin to compose his very first perfume, Tom Ford made the choice of genius composers who would know how to combine rare ingredients in a perfume of obvious luxury and intoxicating scents.

“[ …] I came across a lot of great raw materials, followed all kinds of leads that were then abandoned because they were not “mainstream” enough or too expensive. But, while preparing my store on Madison Avenue, in New York, I thought it would be good to dedicate a salon to perfumery there. And we brought out the ideas in question. “& Nbsp; Tom Ford for L’Express.

Black Orchid immediately won the hearts of all lovers of haute couture, Tom Ford and many more. However, for his tenth birthday, Tom Ford called again on David Apel and Pierre Négrin to compose a new formulation of Black Orchid where the chords would be more dynamic, it would be called Black Orchid Eau de Toilette.

However, despite the Eau de Toilette appellation and the desire to highlight the fresh notes of Black Orchid EDT, this new version has managed to retain most of the powers of its predecessor.

Black Orchid Eau de Toilette or Tom Ford’s love for rare ingredients

Black Orchid Eau de toilette is strongly inspired by its brilliant elder Black Orchid in many ways. The large floral notes of the heart remain and black orchid, jasmine and gardenia persist to become opulent velvety spicy notes. Regarding the depths of Black Orchid Eau de Toilette, they also do not hesitate to play with their ultra sensual and gourmet splendor to better captivate us.

However Black Orchid Eau de Toilette has been composed in order to highlight the beautiful sparkling citrus top notes to offer an explosive start to this Tomfordian journey, always starting with an astonishing black truffle mixed with a voluptuous ylang-ylang. The two perfumers have also added to this precious Black Orchid Eau de Toilette fruity scents much more present than the original in the heart in order to sweeten the abundant flowers of a few delicacies.

Make no mistake about it. , Black Orchid Eau de toilette wants to be explosive of freshness, however it remains a Tom Ford perfume, a perfume where everything is possible, where all the hottest sensualities are essential ingredients for the beauty of the bottle.


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