Black XS L'Excès Eau de Toilette for Him Paco Rabanne

Black XS L’Excès Eau de Toilette for Him Paco Rabanne

Black XS, excess for him, rebellious but so manly

The love of couture and fashion was passed on to her by her mother who was “first hand” at Balenciaga. Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo became Paco Rabanne in 1965, when his collection of accessories opened the doors of fashion to him. In 1973, Paco Rabanne launched his first perfume “Paco Rabanne pour Homme”, which had become very famous. In 2012, the brand presented “Black XS, the excess for him”, a fragrance directly inspired by the world of rock.

The rock attitude according to Paco Rabanne

Well known for his unconventional side, Paco Rabanne amazes and innovates, both in his creations and in his perfumes. He is the first couturier to have incorporated metal into a dress. He likes to work with gold, but also other materials such as cardboard, steel, sponge or even paper! His rebellious spirit is everywhere. It was this that led him to imagine “Black XS” in 2005. In love with freedom, the “Black XS” man is not lacking in charm. Faced with the success of “ Black XS “, Paco Rabanne offered several variations, including “Black XS, the excess for him “. If he is still as rebellious as his elder, the rock’n’roll spirit of “Black XS, excess for him” is here pushed to its climax. Be wary of appearances, however, because although rebellious with a gothic look, “Black XS, excess for him” is actually a kind-hearted adventurer.

The hypnotic notes of Black XS, Excess for him

“Black XS, excess for him” is defined as an aromatic woody fragrance. According to the brand, “Black XS, excess for him” is “the symbol of a rock style, elegant and ultra contemporary”. “Black XS, the excess for him” begins with fruity notes accompanied by the striking freshness of lemon and lavender. The heart combines an ozonic accord with the woody-smoky tone of cypriol. The base is more oriental and mixes amber wood with patchouli. As for the bottle, it also comes to play the rock’star! Black and silver lacquered, the bottle displays a completely hypnotic gradient and a 100% virile attitude. Paco Rabanne pushes the insolence further with the presence of a skull combined with a gothic rose, drawn in varnished filigree on the case, but arranged like a piercing on the bottle… Rock, rebellious, but so free,

After the enormous success of “Black XS”, Paco Rabanne decided to offer variations. If Black XS, excess for him ”is still so rebellious, the rock spirit has been pushed to its climax. The composition is very original and daring. This aromatic-woody fragrance becomes irresistible for all those who wear it.


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