Boss Bottled Infinite Ad with Chris Hemsworth

Boss Bottled Infinite Ad with Chris Hemsworth
Boss Bottled Infinite Ad with Chris Hemsworth

Boss Bottled Infinite by Hugo Boss is getting a very invigorating publicity!

Boss Bottled Infinite is the name of the latest creation from Hugo Boss. This fragrance is a new version of one of the brand‘s most famous essences: Boss Bottled . Originally designed in 1998, this juice has long supported ambitious businessmen in their daily lives. However, today, the atmosphere is quite different! Hugo Boss invites the men who wear it to refocus on themselves and to recharge their batteries. This is precisely the image conveyed by this new essence in its advertising campaign. Focus on Boss Bottled Infinite and his muse, the seductive Chris Hemsworth!

Boss Bottled Infinite, how about we go surfing?

The advertisement for the new Boss Bottled Infinite fragrance lasts only 20 seconds and is enough to deliver a strong message. The Hugo Boss man leaves his office and quickly abandons his suit to put on his sportswear. He climbs into his convertible and heads out to sea. The Boss Bottled Infinite man then indulges in a surf session, not hesitating to defy the laws of nature and dive into the heart of the ocean! The image is beautiful and rejuvenating. The message, meanwhile, is crystal clear: Boss Bottled Infinite invites the man who wears it to refocus on his own desires.

Chris Hemsworth, Hugo Boss muse since 2017

This advertisement highlights the talented Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, muse of the Boss Bottled collection since 2017. On all fronts at the same time, the actor never ceases to multiply the projects. Known for his role as Thor, the famous Marvel, he has a series of male roles in fantastic films, as evidenced, moreover, by the blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman or the last Avengers. At the same time, Chris Hemsworth has also just launched his own fitness app. Nothing seems to be able to stop him and Chris Hemsworth also confides in fully sharing the values ​​of the brand he represents. “Boss Bottled shows that actions are much more important than words, a principle that I have always tried to embody and integrate into my life,” he says. It’s one thing to say we’re going to do something, but actually taking action is another. It is an attitude that my parents passed on to me and a vision that I hope to instill in my children as well. These are qualities of honesty and integrity, which is a great message to convey ”. Living with authenticity, this is the message of Boss Bottled Infinite perfume!

Boss Bottled Infinite, a rejuvenating fragrance

This new fragrance by Hugo Boss goes against today’s men and invites them to refocus on themselves and rediscover their own desires, their primary instinct. Energizing and sensual, it advocates authenticity. Very invigorating, it brilliantly combines citrus notes with a more aromatic and woody heart. Boss Bottled Infinite is aimed at all men today and inspires them to play a new role in their life. He advocates reconnecting with what seems essential to everyone. Boss Bottled Infinite delivers a message: follow your desires, no matter if it is personal or professional. It is a perfume synonymous with accomplishment.