Boss Bottled Infinite, new Hugo Boss fragrance

Boss Bottled Infinite, new Hugo Boss fragrance
Boss Bottled Infinite, new Hugo Boss fragrance

Boss Bottled Infinite, all the energy of Hugo Boss at the service of your ambitions

Boss Bottled is the name of one of the most famous fragrances of the Hugo Boss brand. For more than 20 years, it has encapsulated in a bottle all the ardor and elegance of the Hugo Boss man. As modern today as when it was launched in 1998, Boss Bottled continues to seduce us and reveal different facets of its personality . Hugo Boss has therefore chosen, once again, to ride on its success, and to write a new chapter in its history. This is how the new Boss Bottled Infinite, of 2019, was born.

Boss Bottled Infinite, when vegetal freshness warms up with woody notes

Boss Bottled Infinite is a contrasting fragrance that explores all the olfactory registers attached to today’s masculine essences. It is both vegetal, and diffusing instant energy. Its elegance, for its part, shines through in an aromatic breath. Spices also warm up the whole, igniting its sensuality in the process. Finally, its masculinity explodes in its base notes, in contact with woody ingredients. Boss Bottled Infinite begins with a duo of mandarin and apple. Cinnamon invites itself into its top notes. It is then relayed by lavender, a typically masculine ingredient. Rosemary further amplifies the Mediterranean aspect of this essence. The woods then take up more and more space. Boss Bottled Infinite ends with sandalwood, olive and patchouli.

Hugo Boss’s famous bottle returns in a darker shade

Boss Bottled Infinite by Hugo Boss is a sublime blend of strength, modernity and minimalism, as the vision of its bottle immediately indicates. Forming an imposing cylindrical flask, its bottle has the same shape since its launch in 1998. Only its color has changed over time. This time it all rests on a broad and transparent basis. The rest of this container is covered in a very modern and urban anthracite gray. The name of this perfume is proudly written in silver writing. The set seems ideally designed to facilitate its grip and make it almost instinctive.

Boss Bottled Infinite, an initiatory journey to meet your masculine instinct

In general, Boss Bottled Infinite is aimed at all ambitious men and encourages them to recharge their batteries to become fully aware of their ambitions. Boss Bottled Infinite is an initiatory journey which helps each man to find his way and to flourish fully. In line with its predecessors, it is both assertive and elegant. With him, everything is a question of balance and ambition. Boss Bottled Infinite is the scent of a businessman who will stop at nothing and take on new challenges every day. So, will you be up to it?