Boss Bottled Oud the perfume

Boss Bottled Oud perfume
Boss Bottled Oud perfume

The refined elegance of the new Boss Bottled Oud from Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss house is known for its refinement and its typical elegance of the urban man, modern and seductive. Also, the new Boss Bottled is fully anchored in this philosophy. This woody fragrance displays its innate charm as soon as its soberly lacquered bottle appears in an intense black. This displays its name in silver letters echoing its cabochon. Undoubtedly, Boss Bottled Oud seems designed for a refined man who is impossible to resist. But then, what about its smell and above all, does it keep all the promises made by this neat design?

Boss Bottled Oud and its woody scents

As its name suggests, Boss Bottled Oud is a juice containing oud wood. This is taken from a rare tree growing in India and Southeast Asia. In fact, this tree is often infected with a variety of fungi that produce an aromatic resin with very subtle scents. This is precisely what we find in the Boss Bottled Oud fragrance. This gives off a powerful resinous odor similar to that of sandalwood. However, its envelopment is only visible at the level of its wake. Boss Bottled Oud begins with a burst of freshness. It combines the liveliness of a citrus accord with the green and juicy aspect of apple. Then, its heart is filled with spices and also displays a particularly luxurious raw material: saffron. Red gold is here accompanied by the powerful scent of cloves as well as that of cistus labdanum. Only then, the woody scents take place and are accompanied by the creamy and tender scent of sandalwood. Boss Bottled Oud is an astonishing juice of mystery and seduction. Some even consider it to be the most successful version of the entire Boss Bottled collection.

A Hugo Boss collection that never ceases to be talked about

Boss Bottled Oud is not really a brand new juice per se. Indeed, even if its scent is unlike any other and it is particularly accomplished, it comes from a collection born in 1998 with the emblematic Boss Bottled fragrance. This one revealed to us the image of a man at the same time traditional, modern, elegant, refined, sporty and seductive. This fragrance was a huge success and is undoubtedly one of the brand’s best-sellers. Also, it was revisited several times. In 2010, Boss Bottled Night made its appearance. It was a particularly sweet aromatic woody note that was perfectly pleasant as an evening scent. In 2012, it was Boss Bottled Sport to intoxicate us with its fresh and revitalizing scent emanating from a citrus fern accord. Then, Boss Bottled Unlimited was created in 2014. This is the embodiment of a determined man and displays a powdery, fruity and fresh scent. Finally, Boss Bottled Intense was the latest in this assortment, based on woody and spicy facets. You are therefore spoiled for choice and the only complexity of this Hugo boss collection could well be the fact that you only have to choose one.