Boss Bottled perfume, all masculine elegance in a bottle

Boss Bottled, all masculine elegance in a bottle

It was in 1923 that the master tailor Hugo Boss opened his first boutique south of Stuttgart. Initially, his flagship clothes were raincoats and uniforms. The company will even be chosen to dress the members of the Third Reich … Hugo died in 1948, and his grandchildren immediately changed course. Hugo Boss will then specialize in men’s suits, luxury haute couture and will dress many stars such as Mickaël Jackson, Björn Borg or Sylvester Stallone. In 1998, the brand unveiled “Boss Bottled” , a fragrance that reveals all the elegance of man.

Boss Bottled, Hugo Boss’s most famous fragrance

“Boss Bottled” immediately appears as an ultra elegant fragrance. She embodies, more particularly the class of man, that of the businessman who climbs the steps, one by one, until reaching the top. Elegant and daring, the Hugo Boss man stands out thanks to his natural charisma. It is at the same time mysterious, but irresistible. He manages his life and his career with a master’s hand which gives the Hugo Boss man an extraordinary assurance. Halfway between classic and modern, one has the impression that “Boss Bottled” has succeeded in finding its olfactory positioning. Between success, modernity and elegance, the Hugo Boss man has it all.

The originality of “Boss Bottled” has allowed it to be and to establish itself durably as the fragrance of men of all eras.

The multifaceted composition of Boss Bottled

There are several facets in the composition, namely modernity, class, classicism, values ​​on which the brand was built. “Boss Bottled” is a sophisticated oriental composition. “Boss Bottled” begins with multiple top notes, where we meet floral notes, citrus notes, fruit notes as well as woody notes. The heart of “Boss Bottled” does not lack character. There are essentially spicy notes such as cinnamon, cloves and rosewood.

These are nevertheless associated with a floral touch, that of the carnation. The base will leave a warm and sensual trail, thanks to the presence of vanilla, cedar, amber or sandalwood. The bottle has become an iconic bottle and remains iconic for the brand. The bottle of “Boss Bottled” evokes a bottle and is distinguished by its luminous design, where the name of the brand “Boss” is molded vertically in the glass. The bottle, moreover uncluttered, is tinged with a very masculine yellow-green color.

The perfect embodiment of masculine elegance… “Boss Bottled”. The composition is as astonishing as its bottle and the rendering offers a fragrance for chic and modern men… One of the greatest successes of the brand!