Boss perfume The Scent for Her

Boss perfume The Scent for Her
Boss perfume The Scent for Her

A few days ago, an incredible event was organized by the Hugo Boss house. Indeed, the brand’s artistic director, Jason Wu, invited British actor Theo James and German model Anna Ewers to a very elegant townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Likewise, all the press as well as other prestigious guests were in attendance. It was, in fact, the launch party for the brand new Hugo Boss fragrance for women. This is, in this case, the female adaptation of the very famous Boss The Scent. The Scent For Her will make its appearance in a few weeks and already promises to display an extraordinary sensuality.

The new legendary couple The Scent from Hugo Boss

Impossible to have missed the release, in 2015, of the now famous perfume Boss The Scent . Indeed, it took us into a world of absolute seduction. The advertising campaign for this essence showed us the elegant Theo James in the company of a charming blonde creature, the day after a scorching night. The idea was then to reveal to us the image of a man more attentive to his partner, tinged with expectations and anticipations. The latter seemed to attach particular importance to satisfying the deepest desires of his companion.

The Boss man then acquired an incomparable presence and displayed extraordinary success, both personally and professionally. Well, this time it’s his partner. This one wants to be just as carnal. She is absolutely captivating and irresistible. Both form a couple worthy of the prestige of the Hugo Boss house. Nothing and no one seems to be able to resist them, not even you in front of your screen who are already succumbing to the call of this new essence …

The sensuality of The Scent For Her

This fragrance is described as being a floral, fruity and greedy scent. This one clearly plays on his seduction. It plunges us into a world of luxury and sensuality. Its scent opens with a fruity, juicy and apricot peach note. This gourmet fruit is associated with the floral luminosity of freesia, a white flower with an odor similar to that of jasmine or orange blossom. Then, its suave flight continues in its heart thanks to the presence of osmanthus, an ingredient from Asia and the sweet, honeyed, tangy and slightly leathery scents. Finally, The Scent For Her ends with a real breath of cocoa-based gluttony.

It is contained in a vial similar to a precious glass cage. This reveals her femininity to us through a round shape. Nonetheless, its sharp edges only add to its sophistication. Her femininity, meanwhile, shines through her soft pink juice. The whole is then surmounted by a gilded metal stopper for a most luxurious rendering. Finally, even if the advertisement for The Scent For Her has not yet been unveiled, know that the new woman Hugo Boss will be embodied by the beautiful German model Anna Ewers… The rendering promises to be hot!