Boss The Scent Absolute Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum

Boss The Scent Absolute Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum

Absolute, the most virile of Boss The Scent perfumes

Indeed Boss The scent does not hide it, it is an aphrodisiac perfume and it intends to seduce the male population in the process. With Boss The scent Absolute, sensuality will take on an even more mysterious new dimension, what to expect with this opus of 2019? & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The carnal power of a smoked fruit with Boss The scent Absolute < / h2>

Hugo Boss had warned us, Boss The Scent is the perfume of seduction and seducer par excellence and it is not his beautiful advertising campaigns that will make us forget this fact, on the contrary! Indeed, the Hugo Boss house and the perfumer Bruno Jovanovic have decided to highlight this new virility which assumes its sensual facets, these men who will wear Boss Bottled by day and Boss The Scent by night.

Moreover the last opus to date, Boss the Scent Private Accord had crossed a new course by offering itself warm and powerful while delicacies as well as by a beautiful advertising campaign where its new ambassador Jamie Dornan experienced a meeting between the virtual world and the real world.

“In front of the lens, Jamie Dornan and Birgit Kos embody magnetic lovers in the digital age. First attracted by interposed screens, they end up giving in to the imperious call of the five senses and meet in person. There, the charm of the BOSS perfume operates. “ Madame Le Figaro on the Boss The Scent campaign.

For Boss The Scent Absolute, we do not know if this campaign will still be in the spotlight, on the other hand the smoked bottle unveiled recently lets us glimpse the thousand and one wonders developed by the talented perfumer Bruno Jovanovic. & nbsp;

Boss The Scent Absolute and its new vegetal and smoky facets

With each new Boss The Scent bottle, Bruno Jovanovic has been able to explore malinka and ginger under very different facets, like their marriage with cocoa for Boss The Scent Private Accord or even leathery vanilla accords that dressed the depths of Boss The Scent Intense.

For Boss The Scent Absolute this time, the Boss The Scent signature will be explored under its smokiest face, the most shrouded in secrets. While this pretty bottle opens under a radiant and ultra tonic light of ginger which brings, in addition to its scathing freshness, an original aphrodisiac force, her heart will develop into a completely new face.

Indeed if the juicy and exotic malinka fruit endures, the simultaneously smoky, earthy and green roots of mondia bring to the fruity notes a halo of mystery. A thick smoke that will also invade the depths of this Boss The Scent Absolute thanks to the nervous and sensual power of vetiver.


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