Chanel 1932 perfume

Chanel 1932 perfume

Chanel 1932: Praise of Jasmine by Jacques Polge

This pretty 1932 is intended to be a very special tribute to the famous diamonds that Gabrielle Chanel had the audacity to exhibit in 1932 when she was only a “stylist”! One more daring of the designer who is magnified by this pretty scent of memories.

1932, a fragrance tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s unique jewelry collection

While the stock market crash of 1929 devalued many precious stones, Gabrielle Chanel had the idea of ​​using these diamonds to compose a magnificent collection of jewelry that she will exhibit in 1932.

“I wanted to cover women with constellations. Stars! (…). See these comets whose heads will shine on one shoulder, and whose sparkling tail will slide behind the shoulders to fall back in a shower of stars on the chest… ”Gabrielle Chanel on her exhibition Bijoux de Diamants in 1932.

All the greatest jewelers of Place Vendôme envy Coco’s daring, whom they prefer to envy rather than admire for the beauty and originality of his creations. Although these jewels have now all disappeared (Gabrielle Chanel was forced to dismantle them after the exhibition), the house of Chanel has chosen to pay tribute to the creativity of its founder by reproducing them again for an exhibition in 2012. In order to celebrate this event as it should be, Jacques Polge created 1932 inspired by diamonds, the star of Chanel’s unique jewelry collection.

1932 is therefore a faceted perfume that plays with the different faces of jasmine, sometimes invigorating, sometimes dazzling , to bathe us in the increased luminosity of a perfume shaped like a precious jewel.

When jasmine becomes the “diamond” of perfume, Jacques Polge gives birth 1932

Jasmine, for Jacques Polge, “is to perfume what diamonds are to jewelry … the essential”. Moreover, the house of Chanel has almost always used this pretty flower in its perfumes by collecting it in its most cradle, the lands of Grasse of course! It is in particular thanks to the worldwide success of N ° 5 that this pretty jasmine continues to be exploited in these lands of legends. Naturally therefore, Jacques Polge used this raw material so dear to the house of Chanel to transcend it and make it exist in all its most beautiful facets.

First of all, 1932 opens with sparkling and dynamic notes of bergamot punctuated by the famous aldehydes if Chanel, the diamond becomes lively. Then in the heart, the diamond captures the olfactory lights of the white and delicate flowers of neroli, ylang-ylang, jasmine of course, but also rose. Small originality of the perfumer, the iris which brings to this luminous 1932 a touch of deliciously retro and very feminine powdery notes. Finally, the olfactory diamond becomes velvet and dresses the woman with its softness by enveloping it in a woody-greedy trail of vetiver and benzoin, and very animal thanks to ambrette, opopanax and coumarin.

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