Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau de Toilette

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau de Toilette

Allure Homme Sport: The very first version of a sports fragrance

Allure Homme Sport” was released in 2004 with fresh, elegant and refined scents to offer a more slender version of the bestseller for men Chanel. Elegant, sensual and intense, a masculine scent that awakens to soft purities while retaining its beautiful virility.

“Allure Homme Sport” where the ideal man is attractive, natural and sporty

The men of “Chanel” perfumes are charismatic, elegant and sensual, like the “Allure” Man of 1999. However, they are not only beautiful, they are also brilliant sportsmen, adepts of nature, simplicity and greatness. money. At a time when men dreamed of being long-distance sailors, thanks to the growing popularity of the Vendée-Globe for example, “Allure Homme Sport” played on grandiose maritime spaces to present its perfume with its muse. The model Andres Velencoso evolves alone and abandoned by all in a black and white setting where the man, young and shirtless, faces the natural elements, taking men and women conquered towards beautiful authentic freshness.

“Nothing is more sensual than the natural “says Chanel about” Allure Homme Sport “. To see the aesthetic result of the visuals and advertisements offered, it would be very difficult not to agree!

“Sports” fragrances: “Polo Sport” and “Allure Homme Sport” figureheads

In order to be able to sell perfumes to men at the beginning of the 20th century, it was necessary to affix the label “Pour homme” to the bottle. In order to sell finer and lighter perfumes to the men of the 21st century it was necessary to affix the word “sport” on the fragrances, like the very first “Polo Sport” in 1994 and now “Allure Homme Sport”.

As a result, all the elements must remind the user of the Chanel “Allure Homme Sport” perfume of his sporting universe. The bottle of this new “Allure Homme” from 2004 soberly features a metallic gray casing topped with a black rubber stopper set with a metal ring obviously recalling the world of F1 or boats synonymous with power, energy and power. of speed.

As for the fragrance of “Allure Homme Sport”, it presents itself in a totally claimed “new freshness” light. The freshness of this beautiful fragrance will of course be given by the citrus top notes of mandarin and orange, aldehydes and by the new freshness molecule “Dihydromyrcénol”. At the heart, the sweet and suave flower of neroli transports us to delicate exotic sensations which will end in a deep and woody trail of tonka bean, cedar and vetiver counterbalanced by the delicately flowery notes of white musk.

If the sport fragrance seemed to announce a scent of exacerbated virility, obviously this is hardly the case. The sportsman of “Allure Homme Sport” is a young and dynamic dandy much more than a powerful and ultra virile man …

Jacques Polge has, since joining the house of Chanel in 1978, brought many new olfactory products. Each of its fragrances is marked with the seal of modernity while dressing in absolute modernity, Allure pour Homme and its brilliant sporty version Allure pour Homme Sport will be no exception . Moreover, Allure pour Homme Sport declined a new style of male perfumery which would soon become a genre of male perfumes in its own right, the sporting perfume.

Allure Homme Sport or the first sporty fragrance from a haute couture house

With Antaeus pour Homme, Égoïste or even the magnificent and so contrasting Allure pour Homme, Jacques Polge has shown, if need be, that would shrink from any audacity to compose Chanel perfumes that would be unlike any other. Allure pour Homme, like its alter ego Allure pour Femme, stood out from the usual masculine fragrances by offering these gentlemen brilliant contrasts between woody, fresh, gourmet or even sensual scents.

Allure pour Homme Sport, released in 2004, will go even further than its beautiful woody predecessor. By declining for the first time or almost in perfumery chords with a powerful freshness, designated as sports scents, Allure pour Homme Sport creates the novelty and will become leader of the beautiful diversity of sports perfumes which will be born thereafter.

Whatever the case, Jacques Polge was the first to dare sport perfume in a haute couture house. Indeed, despite the release of Polo sport in 1994, haute couture seemed far removed from the dynamism of sports fragrances. Until Chanel dares with Allure Homme Sport and the beautiful composition of Jacques Polge.

“L’allure libre. An elegant and racy fragrance. A sensual freshness exalting the scent of bare skin in the fresh air. “Chanel for Allure Homme Sport.

Allure homme Sport or the multifaceted man of Jacques Polge for Chanel

Jacques Polge and the house of Chanel seem to announce, with Allure Homme Sport, the release of a perfume with exacerbated virility, with thunderous tones that would almost forget the natural charm and elegance of Chanel perfumes. On the contrary, Allure Homme Sport will know how to decline the dynamism of these fresh notes through floral and sensual accords of extreme refinement.

Indeed if the Italian mandarin associated with cedar wood and molecules of new freshness offer a dazzling start, the heart of Allure Homme Sport is revealed under a sunny day of opulent neroli flowers. This flowery beauty will come to mix with the gourmet and suave notes of tonka bean from Venezuela to better carry us towards the sensual depths of the man Allure Homme Sport, as dynamic as it is deliciously burning with sensual charms.

” A composition that plays on the tension between freshness and sensuality. “Chanel for Allure Homme Sport.

Woody New Freshness

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