Chanel Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

Chanel Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

What is the Allure for Chanel?

This is a completely different interpretation of the olfactory universe of the Allure fragrance. It is more sensual, voluptuous, disturbing and magnetic.

What is the Allure for Chanel?

If the house of Chanel has decided to create perfumes revolving around the theme of Allure, it is quite simply because this is its core business and yet, at the same time, it is something difficult to define. Indeed, the Allure is something that cannot be bought. It is the expression of a personality and an almost innate radiance. Allure is that je ne sais quoi that instinctively gives a fascinating charm and an elusive grace to the person who possesses it. In other words, it helps make her look more sensual. This is how the idea of ​​creating the Allure Sensuelle perfume was born. This one seems to possess a natural magnetism, the elegance of a silhouette that is impossible to resist, the sound of a voice capable of arousing all fantasies. Allure Sensuelle is thought of as a woman who is both charismatic but possessing this flaw that makes her so bewitching. It is a moving and irresistible fragrance, luminous and magnetic. Allure Sensuelle is limpid while having mysterious accents. This only establishes his sensuality. Allure Sensuelle has clearly been designed to leave behind a trail that cannot be forgotten.

The irresistible flavor of Allure Sensuelle

It is the talented perfumer Jacques Polge who is at the origin of the creation of the Allure Sensuelle perfume. This revolves around six facets, something quite rare in perfumery. Its oriental and seductive aspects come from Bourbon vanilla associated with amber patchouli. Its fresh and energizing side, meanwhile, emanates from bergamot and Sicilian mandarin. Moreover, it also gives it a fruity side, especially since the mandarin is worked there in an almost candied and particularly sweet way. The Bulgarian rose and jasmine, in turn, give the whole a very floral side. This is reinforced by more powdery and very elegant iris absolute. The woody facet then appears through the presence of Haitian vetiver. This one is worked with subtlety and discretion. Finally, it all ends with more spicy and solar notes sewn with incense and pink berries. On the aesthetic side, Allure Sensuelle remains faithful to the typical silhouette of the Chanel collection. This is slender and forms a sort of glass rectangle firmly anchored on its base. On the other hand, an unprecedented thing, Allure Sensuelle is enhanced with a red lacquering at the level of its cabochon and its writing. This purple shade gives it a warmer and deeper side than before. a red lacquering at the level of its cabochon and its writing. This purple shade gives it a warmer and deeper side than before. a red lacquering at the level of its cabochon and its writing. This purple shade gives it a warmer and deeper side than before.

Joined in 1978 as official and unique perfumer of the house of Chanel, Jacques Polge knew not only to carry high the values ​​of the famous house of perfumery but also to bring a new breath to perfumed creations. With Allure in 1996 and then Allure Sensuelle ten years later, Jacques Polge offered fragrances with Chanel elegance while bringing brilliant and very sensual novelties, as the master perfumer has always wanted.

Allure Sensuelle or the fragrance of magnetic femininity signed Jacques Polge

Taking over from Henri Robert in 1978 at the great house of Chanel, Jacques Polge had a number of scented ideas in mind, including the one that was particularly keen to rejuvenate and modernize the image of the venerable perfume house. With the magnificent Coco, the handsome Egoïste or Antaeus, Jacques Polge’s bet was quickly won, which did not prevent him from continuing to offer elegant daring afterwards…

With Allure, Jacques Polge signed a perfume totally in the very elegant spirit of the house but also very innovative and ultimately rather original, in particular by its six-faceted olfactory construction. Ten years later and after beautiful masculine variations of his success, the perfumer chose to revive Allure and its six facets with female faces, by offering it a much more oriental successor: Allure Sensuelle.

Aware that “A fashion is also an evolution of writing”, Jacques Polge wanted to strengthen the power of his original juice by offering it sensual but also sexual scents, the designer not hiding his attraction for these perfumes ” sexual ”with strong personalities. Thus Allure Sensuelle would be the mirror of the absolutely irresistible magnetism of all women and each could be found in one or more of its floral, fruity, spicy or deliciously oriental facets.

Allure Sensuelle, a flowery oriental Chanel fragrance. with six olfactory facets shining like a diamond

Allure Sensuelle was designed by Jacques Polge under six different olfactory facets, just like his brilliant predecessor Allure and his alter-ego Allure Homme. Each of its facets represents the diversity of the personality of Chanel women, although they all have in common this indispensable supplement of grace that we call allure.

Between Allure and Allure Sensuelle, Jacques Polge has of course changed his scent compositions to make Allure Sensuelle a beautiful floral oriental, but he has also managed to retain beautiful scents of his original Allure. Thus the flowery facets, the fresh facets, the woody facets and the fruity facets are preserved from Allure to Allure Sensuelle by offering them some nice variations with regard to the raw materials.

However, the precious novelties of Allure Sensuelle bathe these relatively classic scents in burning accords. The incense and black peppers are spiced in the intense light of the Orient where the richness of the bourbon vanilla and amber-patchouli accord marks the depths of Allure Sensuelle with their magnetic trail.

“Oriental notes set the tone for this sensual and enveloping composition in which rose, incense and amber patchouli intertwine. “Chanel for Allure Sensuelle.

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