Chanel Egoïste Platinum Eau de Toilette

Chanel Egoïste Platinum Eau de Toilette

Selfish Platinum, eloquent but so unique

The first male perfume “Pour Monsieur” was created in 1955. Discreet and seductive, this first male juice was able to conquer many men… In 1990, Chanel unveiled “ Egoïste “. The latter succeeded in defying the conservative scents of the moment and established himself thanks to his strong personality. In the same vein, in 1993, “Egoïste Platinum” presented itself with a more floral side, perhaps easier to wear.

Selfish, but unique

In 1990, “Egoïste” appeared as THE perfume for dandy men. Its woody-spicy-amber composition is unique and unprecedented. At the time, when the fashion was with fresh scents, “Egoïste”, against the tide, seduced by its assertive and elusive side. “Egoïste Platinum” also underlines the unique side of the Chanel man. Here, balance combines with power to offer an extraordinary composition. The “Egoist Platinum” man is extrovert, he knows how to impose himself. Brilliant “Egoïste Platinum” revolves around energy, light and gives a very manly aspect to the selfish man. It is said of an evocative and brilliant man that he has “platinum”, and this is exactly what Chanel olfactively transmits to us with “Egoïste Platinum”, a man full of daring with a temperament as assertive as he is brilliant.

The Égoïste Platinum Fern-Green Accord

“Égoïste Platinum” is based on a perfect green-fern accord, with the aromatic freshness of lavender and rosemary. “Egoïste Platinum” begins with the aromatic and very fresh notes of lavender and rosemary. These are associated with neroli and enhanced by Paraguayan petitgrain. The heart is green, herbaceous, aromatic at will thanks to the association of scarlet sage, galbanum and geranium. The trail is woody and unfolds all its virility with the presence of vetiver, cedar and labdanum. Sandalwood envelops everything in an exotic warmth. Its bottle remains similar to that of its predecessor, imposing. Its frank and generous structure is the image of a strong and confident man. The cork, meanwhile, brings a dash of modernity. Sober and elegant, “Égoïste Platinum” is undoubtedly the scent of an eloquent man.

While fashion is in the fresh scents for men, Jacques Polge, then perfumer of the house of Chanel, created “Egoïste” in 1990. With its strong character, “Egoïste” knew how to find its place in the wardrobe of men. In 1993, “Egoïste Platinum” completed this fine collection. If he still has an imposing and independent temperament, “Egoïste Platinum” wants to be more floral than its elder. Always so unique, “Egoïste Platinum” is the reflection of a brilliant man.

The Chanel house has never worked other than with regular perfumers. There was the fabulous creator of N ° 5 Ernest Beaux, then Henri Robert, father of N ° 19 and Cristalle, and of course Jacques Polge who created in thirty years great Chanel perfumes … including our favorite Egoist in 1990! Despite its enormous success, Selfish wanted to charm more and more and proposed itself in 1993 under the luminous variation of Platinum Selfish.

Platinum Égoïste, a masculine scent that shines with modernity by Jacques Polge

Selfish is certainly one of the greatest successes of 80s perfumery, both for its scented composition and for its daring. A daring which was noticed in particular by a mythical advertisement where the women howl and the shutters slam!

< p> But let’s not forget that Égoïste is above all a magnificent perfume which, in addition to the pretty Coco released shortly before, marked the thunderous passage of Jacques Polge in the institution of Chanel perfumes. A challenge that marked a real change of course for the venerable house which, with Coco and Égoïste, was now turning towards resolutely more modern and definitely very original fragrances.

By offering the magnificent Égoïste Platinum in 1993, Jacques Polge opened a new fragrant page in the story of his favorite Selfish. Less vanilla, Égoïste Platinum is also more aromatic and fresher than its predecessor in order to appeal to those who have not yet been conquered by the charm of this so original masculine scent.

Less powerful and less clear-cut than Egoist, Egoïste Platinum is not for all that less brilliant, make no mistake about it! For Égoïste Platinum is intended to be “The olfactory portrait of a man with an outgoing, almost provocative personality. An eau de toilette with a fern-green accord. An energetic accord of fresh and aromatic notes. »According to Chanel.

Chanel chose spicy and aromatic scents for a fresh Égoïste Platinum

As we noticed previously, Égoïste Platinum wanted to transform the flowery rose accords of Turkey and vanilla from his elder brother to move on to the fresh side of his strength. All the agreements of Egoïste Platinum are therefore turned towards a sparkling and fresh light that reminds us of the famous “platinum” of man who shines in all areas.

The aromatic and powerful departure of Selfish Platinum remains much the same as that of its handsome predecessor. Thus lavender, rosemary and petitgrain combine with radiant neroli flower to offer invigorating top notes. On the other hand, the heart of our Egoist Platinum shines with the splendors of jasmine where bourbon geranium and Iranian galbanum are green and spicy, ultra virile in short. The amber bases of vetiver, cedar and labdanum will of course accentuate these invigorating masculine freshness by offering them a magnificent bath of woody sensualities.

“We say of an eloquent and brilliant man that he has platinum. PLATINUM ÉGOÏSTE perfumes extroverted men, who do not hesitate to provoke in order to impose themselves. »Chanel for Platinum Égoïste.

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